Las Vegas – Best Burgers In Town

Best Burgers In TownHamburgers are normally known as fast food, a quick bite on the way to a meeting or next appointment. Have you ever thought of burgers as a classy gourmet meal in restaurants?

In Las Vegas you will definitely find your match, whether you are looking for something beefy, or maybe something fishier, you will definitely find the burger to suit your taste and style.

Some fine dining restaurants have made an effort to change the food truck burger into a stylish gourmet burger. Let’s have look at the most famous burgers in Las Vegas.

1. Burger Brasserie

$777 Kobe Beef and Maine Lobster Burger, Burger Brasserie This burger place brings a little bit of France to its menu. It is situated between the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Bally’s with a very relaxed atmosphere.

There is no stiff menu to this burger bar. You will be able to create your own combinations; they also have a choice between lamb, chicken and the all-time classic beef burger. They also have a vegetarian option available.

You are able to couple your burger with a few lovely toppings such as bacon, mushrooms, pickles and very popular blue cheese. Their most famous burger is known as the ‘$777 Kobe Beef and Maine lobster burger’. This monster burger is topped with a combination of lobster, seared foie gras, goat cheese, fresh arugula and centennial aged balsamic.

2. Smashburger

Sin City Burger, SmashburgerThese burgers are unique to its name. Flattened on the Grill, however, this does not take away anything from the taste of the burgers.

This relatively small franchise is not your average food truck, but still casual enough to enjoy a burger with friends.

Their signature burger is the ‘Sin City Burger’ (only available in Vegas). It is coupled with applewood smoked bacon, grilled onions, melted cheese, smash sauce and a fried egg.

Should this not satisfy your taste buds, you can swap your beef for chicken and add a salad. They are served with fries or veggie bites and fried pickles.

3. Gordon Ramsay BurGR

Hells Kitchen Burger, Gordon Ramsay BurGREver thought of trying out a world famous Gordon Ramsay burger? This ultimate chef takes a burger to a whole new level. Located at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, his focus is to give a unique and modern twist to the old traditional hamburgers, coupled with fries and milkshake. He adds a little extra to give it a sensational taste.

Gordon Ramsay prepares the burgers by making the burger patties himself and flame grilling them to perfection. These juicy burgers can be topped with smoked bacon, goat cheese, roasted tomato and truffle aioli. Served with sides such as truffle parmesan fries, sweet potato fries, honey-pig buns and lovely salads.

Another well-known burger is the ‘Hell’s Kitchen burger‘, topped with roasted jalapeños, tomatoes, asadero cheese, avocado and a spicy kick. Although the place has undergone a change in name the burger still remains notorious.

4. Bachi Burger

Spicy Miso Burger, Bachi BurgerThis is an Asian inspired burger house, specializing in beef burgers made from Wagyu beef or Angus beef, topped off with seared duck liver, mushrooms and a fried egg.

This menu is unique enough to cater for all the alternatives, whether you prefer the classic traditional burger or a beef alternative such as chicken, fish, and turkey. There are also a wide variety of fries to choose from to complete your dish.

The ‘Spicy Miso Burger‘ is known as a longstanding favorite of Bachi Burger. It consists of lettuce, roasted garlic, Swiss cheese, ,fried egg, fried onions and apple vinaigrette with shishito pepper mayo.

5. Holstein’s Shake and Buns

Al Pastor Burger, Holstein’s Shake and BunsHolstein’s is situated in the classy Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

The lively atmosphere is conveyed in their food and drinks. You are able to find the Classic and traditional burger at Holstein’s, however, for the more upmarket and elegant the ‘Al Pastor Burger‘ will take the lead.

The Al Pastor Burger has a bit of a kick to it, with in store made buns and toppings such as habanero cream, red onion, avocado and grilled pineapple.

There is also a pork alternative to the beefy patty ensuring that everybody’s needs are met.

6. Stripburger

Mini Burger Sampler, StripburgerSituated in the Fashion Show Mall, Stripburger will refuel and recharge hungry and tired shoppers.

You can sit down for a quick bite to eat or you can order the takeaway. The signature burger for Stripburger is the ‘Mini Burger Sampler‘. This is a special burger in the sense that you are able to get three burgers in one go.

They are filled with blue cheese, whiskey barbeque and cheddar cheese respectively.

They also have other options available such as turkey, Ahi tuna and veggie burgers, making these burgers very strong competitors in the burger market.

So, you might want to think again before saying that burgers are plain and boring. They have been around for many years and are definitely here to stay. They might just evolve a bit more, but taking a look at these famous Vegas burgers proves that there is mighty
competition amongst all of the burger bars. With so many options and such a lot of varieties to choose from, you will never have to settle for a boring burger ever again.

Just make sure, the next time you order a burger, that it is the right combination for you, grilled to perfection. Bon Appetite!