Top 10 Slot Tips

Slot MachinesWe have opted to present to you some of the most practical and well thought out online slot playing hints and tips to ensure you are always going to be getting not only the maximum winning chances when you are playing slot games online but also to enable you to get the maximum entertainment value out of playing slots online.

Have a good look through our guide to the top 10 slot tips below, and if you fancy putting any of them to the test then you can visit any of our featured Real Money online casino sites where you are going to find a plethora of different types of slot games available which you can of course play for free or for real money!

Only Play High RTP Slots!

The RTP of a slot game is often found listed on the slot game pay table but you will also sometimes find it listed on the help files or on the slot games rules or information page, the RTP means the return o player payout percentage that any one slot game has been designed to pay to players.

There is one valuable slot playing tips you need to be fully aware of and that is you need to play the slots on which the very highest RTP’s have been attached for the higher the long term expected payout percentage any slot has been designed to payout the better your winning chances will becomes when playing that slot.

Locating Low Risk Slot Games

You can easily spot a low risk slot game for the jackpots listed on the pay table will be low in value and the remaining payouts will also be modestly sized, also these types of slot tend not to offer bonus games nor have any wild multiplier symbols on the reels!

Be Wary of High Variance Slots

Some slots are known as high variance slots and these games offer a very high risk type of playing structure, you should only ever give these types of slot games some play time if you have a large bankroll available for the way they have been structured means they can quickly eat up a bankroll, however, there is always the chance of some huge mega sized payouts when playing these types of slot games online!

Picking the Best Slot Game Bonuses

It is going to be up to you how you choose to play any slot games bonus game features, for often you have many different ones on offer, however if you do find slot games offering true skill bonus game rounds then give those slots some play time for free to get to fully learn how to play those bonus game skilfully to guarantee you always get the highest payouts possible when they have triggered and have been awarded to you!

Playing Maximum Bets to Increase Winning Payouts

Always take a glance at the pay tables attached to any slot game you are playing online for some times, more so when playing the classical three reel slots you will find that they come with a bonus payout if you play maximum lines or maximum coins, and as such you really should be playing maximum bet wagers to take advantage of those bonus winning payouts!

Choosing Best Bonus Game Options

If you play a video slot and have triggered a bonus feature on which you can pick one of many different ways that you will be able to play off that bonus game, then do pick carefully which one to utilize, if playing for modest stakes then pick the one offer a low variance type of structure, but if you are playing for high stakes and want a high risk but high reward bonus game then always opt for the bonus game option giving you a high variance type of playing format and structure!

When to Play Progressive Slots

As a progressive jackpot slot game very rarely pays out is jackpot, one time you should avoid playing them therefore is when a recent jackpot has just been won on one of them! Also do keep your eyes peeled for any slot game that has a progressive jackpot that has grown in size much higher in its value than the jackpots usually awarded on that slot, for those slots may just be about to deliver one lucky player that huge cash jackpot!

Avoiding Maximum Cash-Out Limits

One very important aspect that you need to keep in mind is that when you play slots online, and for any stake level, you will have the chance of winning some huge amounts of cash. However, we have seen some online casinos adding to their terms and conditions little rules which state that winning players are only allowed to cash out a certain amount each month, and as such please always ensure you are not playing slot games at one of those sites that restrict the amount of cash you can withdraw!

Ask for a Bonus!

If you have had a losing session at any online casino and didn’t get much play time then never be afraid to ask the casino for a small comp or free bonus, if you are a loyal customer of that site you will often find the casino flips you such a bonus when you have had a run of bad luck!

What are the Best Payout Percentages?

You will find the actual RTP of online slots can vary greatly depending at just which online casino site you are playing at, however we would advise you locate and stick to playing slots offering RTP’s of around the 97% to 99% range for those offer you the very best chances of winning!