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Best Value Casino Comp Clubs March 21, 2014 March 21, 2014 Paul Butcher
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Casino VIP ClubsMany new online casino players who are playing any type of casino game for real money are often unaware that as soon as they join the majority of online casinos they are also automated enrolled into that respective casinos VIP club, and this is a way of locking in even more value from your gambling budget and all of the real money action that you give any one casino site.

A casinos comp club is a way for that casino site to reward your loyalty and custom by giving you a set number of free casino chips based on how much you wager in the casino.

This is done by the casino awarding you a set number of what are known as comp points every time that you place a real money wager on any of their available casino games.

These comp points will be amassed in your comp club account which you will be able to access online, and when you have saved up and earned a certain number of them then you are able to get them swapped, with just ca couple of clicks of your mouse in free casino credits.

It should be noted that each online casino sites that offers real money casino games and has their own stand alone type of comp club will give you different amounts of comps for every wager you place so it can be dividends for you to do some shopping around to get the best value from these comps, so do make sure you compare the number of points each casino will award you with and also find out how many comp points you need to get them exchanged for casino credits as that can vary from casino site to casino site too!

The comp points are added to your comp club account irrespective of whether any wager you place on any casino game is a winning or losing one, and one tip if you have had a long playing session thanks to a series of winning outcomes on the game you are playing is for you to check just how many comp points you accumulated during that winning session.

It is always the case the those long playing session will have earned you a large number of comp points and if you have cash out and withdrawn your winnings from such a successful casino game playing session then check just how many comp points are in your comp club account as you may have more than enough of them to get them redeemed for playing chips, which will allow you to carry on play for a little bit longer without have to reverse your withdrawal or make a fresh deposit!

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