Australia On Course To Be At The Top Of Social Gaming Innovation

Australia On Course To Be At The Top Of Social Gaming Innovation October 16, 2018 October 16, 2018 David Walker
 Australia October 16, 2018 by David Walker

VGW Holdings has been a trailblazer in social gaming, offering players a top online casino experience using innovative technology that allows players to interact with each other. The virtual gaming giant has a strong and competent team of innovators helping it make a mark in the virtual gaming sphere.

Two popular offerings from VGW include its flagship online casino platform Chumba Casino and the highly-innovative poker site Global Poker. Both are designed for optimum social interaction and are making quite an impression across the world.

For the man at the helm of the company, location plays a vital role in every firm’s success. Executive Chairman Nigel Blythe-Tinker is confident Australia has got what it takes to propel VGW to even greater heights and also be a game changer when it comes to social gaming innovation.

With a finance and business forte, Blythe-Tinker spent three decades successfully governing some of the world’s biggest gaming firms across the UK, US and Europe. For 17 years, he has been a driving force in the international gaming sector.

Australia provides a great market for social gaming innovation as companies like VGW can hire top talent that work on research and development, information technology to come out with new products and services. Aussie gamblers are more than willing to try out new gaming services and this makes it a perfect match.

Blythe-Tinker believes that Australia will continue to lead the way in social gaming as gaming companies down under are working on creative products that will revolutionize the social gaming sphere. Chumba Casino and Global Poker are great examples of introducing new offerings that have captured the attention of gamblers from around the world.

Maintaining Strong Ties

While there are a number of top gaming companies in the United Kingdom, United States and Malta, Blythe Tinker believes Australia has a great potential to be at the top of social gaming innovation. He said VGW intends to maintain its strong relationship with the land Down Under for the long term, to constantly develop market-leading games.

In a statement, Blythe Tinker said

One thing I am passionate about is helping to develop the next generation of Australian innovators. We are currently in talks with tertiary institutions both here in Perth and right around Australia to ensure that young Australians working in innovation have the best opportunity to succeed

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