China Will Use Drones To Shutdown Illegal Gambling Operations

China Will Use Drones To Shutdown Illegal Gambling Operations April 3, 2019 April 3, 2019 David Walker
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The Chinese love to gamble but they cannot do it in their homeland as all forms of gambling is banned. Chinese gamblers are forced to travel to Macau which is the biggest gambling hub in the world and place their bets at the many casinos available in the gaming peninsula.

However, they still face restrictions as there are many regulations in place in terms of the money they can bring in and the number of days they can stay.

As a result, there is a flourishing illegal gambling market in China as the demand to gamble in Mainland China isn’t going away. The authorities have done their best to try and weed out these illegal gambling operations but have struggled to do so as these illegal operators use mobile gambling units to run games at secret locations and keep moving constantly to evade the authorities.

Drones To The Rescue

Chinese authorities have decided to up their game and will now enlist the services of drones that will be their spies in the skies. These drones will operate in numerous locations in cities as well as in rural locations as illegal gambling operators have set up mobile gambling houses in remote areas to avoid the scrutiny of the authorities.

These drones will play a major role in providing aerial surveillance for large areas and will help to provide the authorities with intelligence as well as evidence of illegal gambling operators. The use of advanced technology by the authorities will enable them to discourage illegal gambling operations as the punishment is up to 10 years in prison for operators and up to 3 years in prison for those taking part.

Drones Already Having Success   

Chinese authorities have already experimented with drones in tracking down and flushing out illegal gambling operations. They have had success as in a recent case in Anhui Province where illegal gambling operations were taking place in a very remote area. The drone helped the authorities to nab these illegal operators and led to the arrest of 35 gamblers.

Without the drone’s help, it would have been difficult to make the arrest as the authorities confirmed that the illegal gambling operation constantly shifted its location and kept things very secretive.

Chinese authorities have made it known that they will now be using drones in their efforts to curb illegal gambling sending out a strong message to illegal operators.

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