Singaporean High-Roller Refuses To Pay Losses To Aussie Casino

Singaporean High-Roller Refuses To Pay Losses To Aussie Casino April 2, 2019 April 2, 2019 David Walker
 Australia April 2, 2019 by David Walker
The Star Gold Coast

Wong Yew Choy, a businessman from Singapore is now being pursued over unpaid gambling losses incurred at the Star Gold Coast Casino in Queensland, Australia. Wong visited the Star Gold Coast between July 26 and August 1 of 2018 as a VIP customer.

Star Gold Coast rolled out the red carpet for Wong and gave him 5 star treatment from the beginning to the end. The Star Gold Casino picked him up on their private jet from Singapore, gave him all the luxuries when he arrived in Australia and made sure he was dropped back via their private jet.  They let him gamble as much as he wanted because they knew that he can afford it. However, at the end of the week-long trip, the businessman did not cough up over $30 million in losses which he incurred.

Star Entertainment, which operates the Gold Coast casino stated that Wong had given the casino a blank check which they could fill out with the expenses that he incurred. The problem started when the check Wong issued bounced after it was presented to the Singaporean bank. However, the cheque did not bounce because Wong did not have the money. He is reported to have told his bank not to honour the cheque when presented for payment.

High Roller Blames Dealer For Losses

Wong had spent the week playing baccarat and he contends that his losses were not his fault. He lost because the dealers made multiple mistakes and he was able to secure a written confirmation from casino officials.  

He also mentioned that he was upset by the incompetence of the dealers, so he wanted to leave even before his check-out schedule. However, the casino hosts offered him more credit and he received a letter from the casino’s chief operating officer which states that there would be no more mistakes from their side.

Wong’s assertion was that he agreed to accept the offer to stay on and play on the condition that he would not pay for any losses if there were more errors on the side of the dealer. Wong states that the dealers continued to make errors and this is why he instructed his bank in Singapore to not honour the check, referring to their agreement.

Abraham Vergis who is representing Wong has reiterated that his client will contest the charges filed against him as it was a “matter of principle” Wong is also seeking to vindicate his name as he is a “highly respected patron” of casinos throughout the world. He is always treated like a VIP with concessions and incentives as part of the package and will fight to clear his name.

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