The 2024 IGA Tradeshow in Anaheim Was a Success

The 2024 IGA Tradeshow in Anaheim Was a Success April 12, 2024 April 12, 2024 Paul Butcher
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Indian Gaming Tradeshow & ConventionSummary:

  • The Indian Gaming Association Tradeshow & Convention has come to an end on Thursday.
  • The tradeshow and convention announced that the 7,400 attendance estimation goes over the 2022 attendance at the Anaheim show.
  • The number, however, fell short of the 2023 record in San Diego.

The “premier event of the Indian Gaming industry where tribal leaders and commercial gaming come together to conduct business, learn, and network”, the Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention, came to an end on Thursday.

The event, which was held between April 8-11 at the Anaheim Convention Center Anaheim, California, allegedly surpassed 2022’s attendance in Anaheim according to preliminary estimates.

The 7,400 participants fell short of the 2023 record set by the same tradeshow in San Diego.

“It Was Very Successful”

The preliminary number of participants at this year’s event that once again introduced industry leaders and cutting-edge trends surpassed the 6,500 attendees recorded in 2022, when the show made a comeback to the regular spring schedule at the end of the pandemic.

By comparison, in July 2021, the Las Vegas edition gathered around 7,000 participants.

In 2023, the San Diego event attracted upwards of 9,000 participants. Next year’s edition will go back to San Diego where it is expected to dominate the schedule through 2030, along with some Las Vegas editions.

According to the Conference’s chairman, Victor Rocha, this year’s event in Anaheim “was very successful”.

Rocha praised the “packed” educational sessions that took place on Monday and Tuesday along with the “incredibly well attended” AI sessions held on Monday.

The chairman further commented,

It’s wonderful when a plan comes together and we’re excited to get back to San Diego next year, then Vegas in 2026.

Different Approach

The conference used a different approach in 2024, including more educational sessions to the schedule compared to the tradeshows in the past years.

Plus, the Digital Play Summit was also inaugurated. The summit put the focus on sports betting and iGaming.

With this setup, we could look at products on the tradeshow floor and educate ourselves too

The chairman also spoke about the tribes “getting smarter every year”, explaining it is “exciting to watch the next generation of tribal leaders” which he described as young people entering the industry “with bright eyes and big brains.”

This year, the Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention displayed over 400 booths.

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