Architects Discuss the Latest Casino Design Trends at the IGA Tradeshow

Architects Discuss the Latest Casino Design Trends at the IGA Tradeshow April 16, 2024 April 16, 2024 Carolyn Dutton
 General April 16, 2024 by Carolyn Dutton

Dike Bacon, Luke Stamper and JoyceLynn Lagala speaking at the Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention 2024Summary:

  • Architects have discussed the latest technologies and trends in casino design at the IGA Tradeshow
  • The talks covered the topic of AI which has recently turned into a buzz term in the industry.
  • Chain restaurants are making room for boutique brands that offer quality cuisines and “unique options”.

In order for the 500 tribal casinos currently open in the US to truly compete with Las Vegas and Atlantic City rivals, it is important that they keep advancing.

This means they cannot afford to be complacent.

Operators should start looking “a little bit further” than one or two years in the future, which is the current norm, as explained by TBE Architects’s vice president and senior project manager, Luke Stamper, at the latest Indian Gaming Association Tradeshow & Convention in Anaheim, California.

Keeping an Eye on Tribes Spurring Innovation

During the “Casino Resort Design Trends with TBE, HBG, and JCJ” session, Stamper argued that operators should begin by understanding what would work for their clients and region.

Simply because certain technologies and trends are used in Las Vegas or California is no guarantee that they will also work in their markets, Stamper added.

Generally speaking, tribes should focus on staying up-to-date with other operators, especially those that are interested in innovation.

According to JCJ Architecture’s associate principal, JoyceLynn Lagala, the increased presence of tribal casinos in Las Vegas has attracted a

really refreshing energy to an entertainment destination that’s constantly looking to evolve and provide new experiences for guests.

Lagala explained “it’s about evolution, integration, and direction” when talking about the importance of understanding the trending designs and amenities seen in Vegas and the way they can influence the rest of the country.

All About Culinary Experiences

As for the Las Vegas food and beverage sector, Lagala argued that the evolution revolves around creating unique culinary experiences via boutique brands that are gradually replacing chain restaurants.

Besides the boutiques’ quality cuisine, guests also want to enjoy “unique options” they might not get access to in their hometowns.

The design of these boutiques is critical in attracting customers, Lagala further explained.

It’s almost like the design of the venues is the main character and the food itself is best supporting actor.

Using AI Data to Influence Designs and Clients’ Decisions

The Convention also discussed the hot topic of artificial intelligence which has turned into a buzz term in the last year and a half in the gaming world.

HBG’s design principal/partner, Dike Bacon, explained the importance of using AI to influence customers’ decisions and designs while getting a better understanding of casinos’ existing database of customers as well as their movements on properties.

Bacon also mentioned psychographics as a big data element that can be applied to casino design and used to identify players’ spending habits, as well as “the things that you do that are emotional”, namely, their decisions.

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