Guildford Casino To Be Replaced By Dubai Style Complex

Guildford Casino To Be Replaced By Dubai Style Complex February 23, 2015 July 23, 2018 Kate Gonda
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Guildford CasinoThe brick & mortar casino industry has taken a severe beating in 2014 all across the world. Macau the biggest gambling hub in the world reportedly lost over $100 billion in casino revenue and a number of well known casinos in the United States were forced to declare bankruptcy and shutdown due to poor revenues.

Casinos in the United Kingdom have also suffered and the Guildford casino in Surrey, England has been forced to shutdown operations. Casino and nightclub owner Michel Harper believes it’s the right time to move on and plans to demolish the Guildford casino and build an expensive Dubai styled complex in the town centre. This new complex will be constructed at an estimate of £19 million and will be completed by 2017 if everything goes as per plan.

This new complex will be designed by the architect who was responsible for creating the world famous Burj Al Arab in Dubai. Harper has already obtained the Lawful Development Certificate that gives him the license to construct a complex which will be 7 stories high. The complex will be called the Quadrant Development and be one of the main attractions in Surrey.

In a statement, Mr Harper said

Guildford is changing. The council has a new fervour for developing the town centre. With a town centre plan in progress, it feels like an appropriate time. The architecturally interesting copper-clad exterior will provide a striking development in the heart of Guildford town centre.

Quadrant Development ComplexHarper wants to rent out the complex and bring in a wide range of industries such as restaurants, retail, car showrooms, department stores, banks, health spas, gyms and corporate offices.

Harper along with Lewis Craig and Ferwood Commercial Property Consultants are aggressively marketing the complex and inviting companies to collaborate with him so they can book their spaces and help fund the construction work.

Harper is also open to the possibility of renting out the entire complex to a single organization should they manage to work out a mutually beneficial deal.

Harper was born in Guildford and is very excited about the new project as he believes it will greatly benefit the town and the people of Guildford. Tom Wright, the architect who designed the Burj Al Arab has already submitted his plans for the Quadrant Development complex and Harper has been more than impressed. Harper has not yet confirmed when the Guildford casino will be demolished.

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