South America’s First PULSE ARENA Debuts At The Sun Monticello Casino

South America’s First PULSE ARENA Debuts At The Sun Monticello Casino March 15, 2018 March 15, 2018 Paul Butcher
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Sun Monticello CasinoInterblock, a manufacturer of luxury electronic table gaming (ETG) products recently announced that the Sun Monticello Casino in Chile is now home to South America's first PULSE ARENA.

This is an social stadium which has a interactive gaming environment that offers visitors a unique gaming experience as it is jam packed with amazing features and technology which includes Chile's largest video wall.

In a statement, Andres Morano, Vice President for Interblock Latin America, said

Bringing the first and only Stadium gaming experience to Chile and Latin America marks a significant milestone for Interblock, and for the evolution of gaming in this region. This project has been a joint effort with our partners at Sun Monticello, and we could not be happier with the finalized product

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Visit SiSun Gaming Bar For A Unique Gaming Experience

This special PULSE ARENA is being promoted under the name ‘SiSun Gaming Bar’ and will provide visitors with an immersive, interactive and high-energy gaming experience that players can immerse themselves in. Players can feel the energy throughout the area as ‘SiSun Gaming Bar’ features five live hosts, several interactive terminals that can be customized to reflect the mood and needs of players. The five live hosts are not just for show as they will cheer on players and push them to go for the win. Players who are new to this style of gaming experience will be able to interact with the live hosts and get key tips that help them settle down, prepare themselves to have a better chance at winning.

Sun Dreams Gaming Business Director of Latin America Patricio Herman said that the casino is very happy with setting up ‘SiSun Gaming Bar’. The gaming bar adds a lot of entertainment potential to the property. Sun Monticello is very pleased that they are the first to offer it in Chile and also in South America.

Great Gaming Features At SiSun Gaming Bar

The gaming bar has 40 interconnected playing stations, an automated generator, three live tables, and a massive video wall. This wall has two video presenters that will present all the current games of baccarat, roulette, and multi-hand blackjack. Thanks to the technology being used in the bar, players can actually play four games at the same time, which is pretty challenging even for a betting expert. Additional functions also allow for social media connections to be made. Players can also gain community bonuses. For those who want to socialize, the game even has an instant chat mode which allows for quiet chats despite the noise.

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