Westgate Las Vegas Casino Sued By Elvis Presley Estate

Westgate Las Vegas Casino Sued By Elvis Presley Estate March 14, 2016 March 14, 2016 Paul Butcher
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westgate las vegas casinoElvis Presley Enterprises Inc. recently filed a lawsuit against the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino due to the fact that the Las Vegas casino is holding on to the memorabilia of the late singer and wants to court to issue an order to the casino forcing them to return all of the memorabilia. The casino has decided to hold on to a number of items from the Elvis Presley estate citing the fact of a leasing dispute.

The lawsuit filed stated that the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino is holding the items hostage after a dispute arose with the operators of an Elvis exhibition. The exhibition titled “The Graceland Presents Elvis” is said to have closed abruptly last month. The attraction had a grand opening to much fanfare during April 2015.

The exhibition is said to the largest billed attraction of Elvis memorabilia outside his Graceland home and museum. Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino claimed that the show was forced to close its doors to the public after its operators defaulted on the agreements of their 10-year lease.

Graceland: 6th May 2015

However the Elvis Presley Estate claimed that the casino was first in violating the contract, although though they did not go ahead and elaborate on their statement. The estate filed legal papers in Clark County District Court, Las Vegas on the 9th of March 2016. Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc filed the lawsuit as a last attempt in an effort to retrieve items which are artifacts from the career, home and wedding of the late Elvis Presley. These included stage outfits, jewellery and the star’s high school yearbook amongst others.

The Elvis Presley Estate requested the court to order the casino to return the artifacts. The casino also allegedly denied access to the estate to monitor these valuable items. The lawsuit also stated that the casino was aggressive in its approach and apparently seized the items without any
legitimate legal documents or orders.

Mark Waltrip, the chief operating officer of the Westgate Casino stated that the show due to poor attendance and claimed that the casino had spent millions of dollars to make the place befitting for an Elvis show. As a part of the leasing agreement, the casino wants to recoup the money spent. Waltrip remained hopeful that the casino and Elvis Presley enterprises would be able to work out an amicable solution quickly.

The casino involved in the lawsuit appears to be the same one where Elvis Presley performed several hundred shows. During those days, it was better known as the Las Vegas Hilton and The International.

The massive 28,000-square-foot exhibition area featured the $1 million-a-year contract Elvis signed on a tablecloth. This contract obligated him to perform at the casino. It also proudly presented the single-button black suit he wore for his first performances there.

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