Wynn Macau Security Under Scrutiny After Thief Steals Casino Chips

Wynn Macau Security Under Scrutiny After Thief Steals Casino Chips January 18, 2018 January 18, 2018 Paul Butcher
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Casinos all over the world have stepped up their security measures after two major incidents occurred in 2017. Macau, the biggest gambling hub in the world has seen its casinos conduct security drills and train their staff to deal with terror related incidents.

Wynn Macau became the first casino in 2018 to be impacted by criminal behaviour. While no terrorist activity was reported, there was an incident reported to Macau’s Judiciary Police of a casino being looted for approximately $6 million in casino chips.

While no particular casino was named, Wynn Macau did confirm that the matter was being investigated by the police and no further information could be released till the investigation was completed.

There were rumours doing the rounds on social media that an armed individual had entered the casino and stolen $6.1 million in chips. However these rumours have since been debunked as the authorities have reviewed CCTV footage and did not find any such incident. Macau’s casinos invest heavily in casino security and it is rather surprising that someone could steal $6.1 million in chips from Wynn Macau without being caught.

The Judiciary Police believe that there could be more than one person involved in the theft. Eric Choi Ian Fai, a representative for the Judiciary Police stated that police personnel were stationed at Macau’s casinos but only get involved when casino staff raise an issue. Casino security continues to be the responsibility of the casino operator and the Judiciary Police are present only to assist.

In a statement, Choi said

During the investigation or after the investigation is finished, if we have found any security-related matters that the casino can improve on, we will communicate with the casino on that

The Judiciary Police had reported a total of 1323 crime related gaming incidents from Jan to Sep 2017. This was a 1.9 percent increase in gaming related crime when compared to 2016. The Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau – which is the gaming regulator in Macau has asked Wynn Macau to submit an internal report on stolen chips which is said to have taken place on Jan 17th .

The gaming regulator immediately called for a meeting with Macau’s six major casino operators and asked them to increase their security and surveillance measures at all of their properties in light of the Wynn Macau incident.

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