Billionaire Steve Wynn To Bring Las Vegas To Massachusetts Casino

Billionaire Steve Wynn To Bring Las Vegas To Massachusetts Casino January 28, 2015 January 28, 2015 Paul Butcher
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Steve WynnWynn Resorts are known for building and designing some of the most spectacular casinos in the world.

Their casinos in Las Vegas and Macau are right up there with the best and Wynn Resorts are expected to constantly beat those standards when constructing new casinos.

Wynn resorts had successfully applied and received a casino license for construction a casino in Massachusetts.

The group submitted an initial design plan for its Boston casino construction to state authorities and expected it to be approved. However, state authorities rejected the plan on the basis that it was too generic and they expected something more extravagant to be constructed on 33 acres of Boston real estate. Steve Wynn decided to take that feedback into consideration and recently announced that he was scrapping the initial design of his Boston casino and will now incorporate a new design that has a strong Las Vegas feel to it.

The initial design submitted was for the construction of 24 stories and this will remain the same with the new model. However, the new model will be wider and incorporate another 100 rooms, making it a total of 600 rooms. Wynn decided to drop the idea of having a nightclub and instead will use the space for conventions.

State gaming regulators are happy that Wynn Resorts decided to submit a new design. The state’s main gaming regulator, Steve Crosby said

This is a vast improvement over the design before. It will be incredibly visible. It’s striking…Something exciting and to be proud of

Wynn Resorts plans to open the Casino in 2017 but has a tough challenge on its hands as it has to clean up the ex-Monsanto chemical site successfully before construction can commence. There is also a lot of opposition from the neighbouring cities of Somerville, Boston and Revere who are not in favour of a new Wynn casino. Mohegan Sun, a rival casino has also filed a lawsuit and wants the state to revoke Wynn’s casino license and be more stringent during the new casino application process.

Wynn Resorts have suffered a number of setbacks in the casino industry, most notably in Macau, China. As a result, Wynn Resorts have decided to cut down their overhead significantly including slashing Steve Wynn’s pay check from $4 million to $2.5 million.

Wynn Resorts are committed to investing in the casino market and believe that new ventures like its Massachusetts casino will pay high dividends in the near future.

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