Casino Academy Rolls Out Rigorous Training Program

Casino Academy Rolls Out Rigorous Training Program May 26, 2015 May 26, 2015 Paul Butcher
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Online CasinosThe brick & mortar casino industry is a multi-billion dollar casino industry and wherever there is money, there is bound to be crime. Casinos in the United States have witnessed a rise in crime on their premises with incidents ranging from petty theft, violence, shooting, drug peddling, money laundering, scam artists, robbery and even murder.

Casinos are constantly looking to upgrade their technology, security systems and train their staff on an on-going basis to provide them with the tools and strategies to detect suspicious behaviour, identify individuals who are prone to causing problems and stop crimes before they occur.

There are a number of new casinos schedule to open in the coming months in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. These casinos will generate millions of dollars to the state and also make millions in customer revenue. Bruce Band who has served as a New Jersey state casino regulator for a long period of time is currently rolling out an intensive training workshop teaching wannabe casino agents the secrets on how to identify and stop scams, thefts and other fraudulent activities.

Band is currently rolling out a training workshop that is scheduled to take place over an eight week period to around 36 men and women who want to enter the casino industry as security officials. These prospective casino officials come from different backgrounds ranging from security officials, local police, state police and even alcoholic beverages control commission agents.

Arthur Somerville, a State Police officer and one of the candidates attending the current casino academy stated that the 8 week class is very intensive because it clearly outlines the number of different ways an individual could trick or run a scam at a casino. Despite his police academy training, Somerville stated that this casino academy had his head in a spin.

In a statement, Band said

I’m always worried when we are not catching someone because it doesn’t mean the bad guys have gone away. It only means we’re missing something.

Band is using all of his experience to pass on tips, tricks and strategies to help his class be ready to land themselves a job at the new casinos which are scheduled to be opened in a few months from now. A casino security or agent job at one of the newly opened casinos could pay as much as $60,000 per year to a deserving candidate.

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