Dutch Regulator Wants Feedback On Supervisory Agenda 2019

Dutch Regulator Wants Feedback On Supervisory Agenda 2019 January 25, 2019 February 22, 2019 Carolyn Dutton
 General January 25, 2019 by Carolyn Dutton


Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), the Dutch Gambling Regulator released a draft copy of its  Supervisory Agenda 2019 earlier this month outlining its responsibilities and focus for the New Year.

The KSA has now called on the public to provide their feedback on the draft proposal which looks to streamline the gambling industry, provide better protection to players and protect minors from being exposed to gambling. The public have time till 11 Feb to give their feedback.

The Netherlands Government has not been very proactive in reviewing the Dutch Remote Gambling Act which has been in limbo for a number of years. The KSA received flak for not doing enough to push things. The KSA has pushed in recent months and it now appears that a decision to reject or approve the bill will be made in February.

The KSA appears to be quite confident that the Remote Gambling Act will be approved and adopted by the Senate on Feb 5. Some of the clauses in the draft proposal have taken into consideration an approved Remote Gambling Act. We take a look at some of the key points that the KSA has put forward for public consultation and feedback.

Problem Gambling Measures: The Dutch Regulator wants gambling operators to take preventive measures and be fully compliant with problem gambling measures in order to prevent an increase in gambling addiction.

Some of the measures that the KSA will take in 2019 will include collaborating better with stakeholders to ensure that everyone is working together in the same direction to prevent problem gambling numbers from rising. One main focus will be on gaming companies that have loot boxes added to their games.

No Minors Should Be Allowed To Gamble: Minors are not allowed to gamble in the Netherlands but there have been occasions where lapses were made and they have been allowed access. The KSA is sending out a strict message to operators that no minor gambling should take place else they risk facing heavy penalties. The KSA will also carry out a research program on minors gambling and the underlying issues that push them to do so.

Advertising and Promotions: The KSA came down hard in 2018 on gambling operators who targeted minors through their advertising campaigns and promotions. The gambling watchdog will continue to do that in 2019 and will also look to bring out clear cut advertising guidelines this year as it anticipates a significant increase in gambling advertising should the Remote Gambling Bill be approved.

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