Glenn Straub Denies Sale Of Shuttered Revel Casino In Atlantic City

Glenn Straub Denies Sale Of Shuttered Revel Casino In Atlantic City October 4, 2017 July 23, 2018 Doug Ramirez
 USA October 4, 2017 by Doug Ramirez

revel-casino-hotel.jpgWhen Glenn Straub bought the shuttered $2.4 billion Revel Casino in Atlantic City for just $82 million in a bankruptcy court, the Florida based real estate developer had huge plans to revamp the property which had a casino, 55,000 sq ft of retail space, a 32,000 sq foot spa, 13 restaurants and close to 7,000 parking spaces.

Straub acquired the bankrupt casino back in August 2015 and had plans to open the casino as soon as possible. Now 24 months later, Straub is yet to open the casino as he has faced a number of challenges from vendors and legislators in Atlantic City.

The real estate developer has expressed his frustration on numerous occasions with the amount of bureaucracy and red tape that he has had to go through along with the lawsuits that have prevented him from opening the Revel casino.

Straub has made more than once announcement confirming a potential opening date, only to have to cancel those plans. He also admitted that had he known it would be this difficult to re-launch operations, he would never have bought the Revel casino in the first place. Recent reports from the Atlantic County Clerk’s Office show that a sale of agreement has taken place between Straub’s company – Polo North Country Club and a Colorado based company known as Mile High Dice.

The filing read

Polo North Country Club Inc., a Florida Corporation, and Ten RE ACNJ, LLC, a New Jersey limited liability company, are parties to a Purchase and Sale Agreement, with respects to the purchase and sale of the real property at 500 and 601 Boardwalk.

The agreement shows that Straub has sold the controversial power plant and the casino property to Mile High. Bruce Deifik has been listed as the manager of Mile High. Deifik is also the founder and president of Integrated Properties Inc which was established in 1990 and engages in acquisition, development, management, disposition and leasing of commercial properties. The deal will be subjected to regulatory approval and a sale price has not yet been listed.

Straub denied entering into any sales agreement with Mile High Dice and said he never heard of such a company. He also said that anyone could make a filing and that it was probably done to cause more delays for his company.

Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian said whoever bought the Revel Casino must look at opening quickly to create thousands of jobs for Atlantic City locals.

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