Pariplay To Establish Strong Presence In The Netherlands

Pariplay To Establish Strong Presence In The Netherlands September 27, 2021 September 27, 2021 Carolyn Dutton
 Industry September 27, 2021 by Carolyn Dutton

PariplayThe Netherlands have been prepping to launch their online gambling market since 2016. After a long draw out process, the regulated online gambling market in the Netherlands is expected to go live on October 1. More than 30 licensed gambling operators are expected to go live on October 1 and online game developer Pariplay has signed an agreement with 10 of those operators.

Pariplay did not release the names of the 10 operators that it has signed supply deals with but did confirm there were several tier-one operator partners for the Dutch market. They will be using Pariplay’s Fusion aggregation platform to make their game presentation easier.

This is a big move for Pariplay and the culmination of several years of planning.

Many experts believe the Netherlands has the potential to be the next big European gaming market and Pariplay is nicely positioned to make an impact from the start. The gaming developer already has a strong presence in multiple markets which include Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Sweden, Romania, Switzerland, Italy, Colombia and the United Kingdom to name a few.

Pariplay is also looking to further expand its presence in the Dutch market as they are on the lookout to partner with more licensed operators.

Exciting Offerings For Dutch Players

Pariplay is not just bringing its aggregator platform to the Dutch market. Alongside the games included in the mix, the company will also be offering several titles of its own that should be very appealing to Dutch players. At the start, there will be twenty of these proprietary games and they will soon be followed by more at the end of October.

Pariplay takes great pride in the fact that it has a lot of experience in operating inside the European online gaming market and it promises to deliver the same level of professionalism it boasts of in other EU countries. A big part of this is its Fusion aggregator.

Any operator can easily tweak it to meet local legal requirements and not fall afoul with the gaming regulator. In addition, Pariplay’s in-house Games Regulations Technology solution allows for quick changes in any game setting so that it can be market-ready in no time.

Pariplay is also offering its help to its Ignite studio partners so that they can get their games approved by the Dutch gaming regulator. With the company’s assistance, games should be certified quickly and ready to launch in the Netherlands.

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