UNLV Students Showcase Their Proposals For Japanese Integrated Resorts

UNLV Students Showcase Their Proposals For Japanese Integrated Resorts May 30, 2017 May 30, 2017 Paul Butcher
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The recent legalization of gambling in Japan has evoked global interest with analysts expecting Japan’s gaming market to be one of the biggest gaming markets in the world.

While international casino operators are working overtime to prepare their plans for the market, students at UNLV’s International Gaming Institute also took a shot at it recently.

Faculty member Professor Bo Bernhard asked his students to create a business proposal for developing an integrated resort in Japan as part of an assignment. The proposal was supposed to include key elements such as mission statements, design, marketing and branding – all developed keeping in mind the Japanese culture. Additionally, students also needed to consider the vital aspect of controlling problem gambling.

The process is similar to one that’s being carried out in reality by casino operators. All major global operators have expressed interest in Japan and a number of them have been visiting Japan in the past few months to get a foothold in the country by developing relationships with local officials and partners, creating and presenting plans, so as to be ready to submit a proposal.

Although the original legislation to legalize gambling in the country was passed in December 2016, it didn’t include operational regulations to govern the industry. Japan’s legislators are currently working on the second piece of legislation that will have details like the total number of licenses, taxes and locations. Operators are eagerly awaiting the approval of the second bill and the subsequent opening of the licensing process.

Students of UNLV took all of this into consideration while developing their integrated resort proposals and recently presented them to a panel that included a few of the top Las Vegas casino officials. One of the most well-received proposals was by Gin Sheng, who worked with Qin Haoyong to develop plans for a development known as the ‘Mirai Tower Resort & Casino’.

In a statement Bernhard said

We had celebrity judges from MGM in the crowd when she presented it — and they said that they arrived at the exact same market conclusions as she did in her analysis of the various locations for a Japan Integrated Resort. Which is pretty remarkable, when you think about it, that she produced what a very-well- resourced major multinational did — as a grad student

Another student to receive accolades from industry veterans was Nguyen Tran who was given A+++ from one of the resort judges. Tran’s proposal featured a variety of unusual ideas including development of the tallest building in the world, a glass surface lobby with fish below as well as four-dimensional elevators.

Casino officials present on the panel were very impressed with the proposals and presentations from UNLV and heaped high praise on the students.

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