Iowa Casino Forced To Pay $1.7m To Player Who Claims Casino Did Not Protect Him

Iowa Casino Forced To Pay $1.7m To Player Who Claims Casino Did Not Protect Him November 1, 2022 November 1, 2022 Paul Butcher
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Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo, IowaSummary

  • Jury asks Iowa casino to pay out $1.7 million in damages
  • Montana Gunhus was beaten in the casino for using a credit card that did not belong to him
  • Gunhus filed a lawsuit claiming casino staff should have protected him

They say that the house always wins but there are exceptions to that rule!

A jury has ordered an Iowa casino to pay out $1.7 million in charges to a patron who was beaten inside the casino.

Montana Gunhus, filed a lawsuit against the casino stating that casino staff should have prevented him from being beaten but they stood back and watched due to their ‘hands-off’ policy that is common for most small and medium sizes US casinos in the mid-west.

Jury Awards $1.7 Million In Damages

Montana Gunhus suffered significant injuries during the fight as he was sucker punched from behind whilst playing slots. He then fell to the floor and was battered for the next 25 seconds where he was kicked multiple times and punched 15 times. Gunhus ended up with multiple facial fractures and ended up losing his right eye as he has now lost his sight.

Gunhus’s legal team filed a lawsuit claiming that the casino’s policy of ‘hands-off’ jeopardized public safety! His legal team filed a lawsuit claiming compensation to the tune of $1.98 million on the basis of bodily and mental harm. The lawsuit claimed that the casino was more than happy to take its patrons money but not very keen on protecting their patrons when they really needed help!

The jury heard arguments from both sides and in the end rule in favour of Gunhus and ordered the casino to pay out $1.7 million.

Why Was Gunhus Beaten?

Gunhus is reported to have stumbled on a players club card at the Isle Casino Hotel in Waterloo. The card belonged to the wife of Damond Williams. Gunhus took the card that he found and spent $100 in fan play credits.

Williams reported the card missing and soon casino staff was able to trace the card to Gunhus. When Williams found out what Gunhus was doing, he came from behind and sucker punched him before giving him a beat down.

The Iowa casino’s legal team argued that Gunhus was the one who instigated the entire incident by using a card that did not belong to him. The casino claimed that the other instigator was Damond Williams and claimed they did not stop him because he initially did not come across as upset and angry. Williams is facing a wilful injury charge and is facing a bench warrant as he did not show up to court in August 2022

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