LeoVegas Boosts Responsible Gambling Measures With AI Messaging

LeoVegas Boosts Responsible Gambling Measures With AI Messaging September 3, 2021 September 3, 2021 Paul Butcher
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LeoVegasThe UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) have been working together to ensure that licensed gaming operators in the UK do more to encourage responsible gambling and provide players with better protection against gambling harm.

LeoVegas which is one of the leading online gaming operators in the UK announced this week that it will introduce artificial intelligence (AI) messaging to increase its responsible gambling measures.

A lot of gaming operators have leveraged AI technology to get better insight into customer behaviour and then use that data to target them with customized offers and promotions. LeoVegas has decided to use AI powered messaging to identify risk profiles and breakdown customer behaviour.

LegoVegas is expected to launch AI powered messaging across multiple brands in the UK. Some of the brands that will have AI messaging include LeoVegas, BetUK, PinkCasino, and 21.co.uk brands. LeoVegas players will also get onsite messages that with customised content based on their individual gaming preferences. These messages will have education content on safer gambling.

The operator will be using its own risk prediction model to operate AI-messaging and encourage players to take advantage of the self-exclusion and responsible gambling tools that LeoVegas offers to all players.

Intensity of AI Messaging Will Increase

The initially AI messaging content that players will come into contact with will be educational. These messages will carry a mild and informative tone to it. When AI-messaging identifies at risk customers, then the tone of the message will turn to persuasive tone to encourage players to gamble more responsibly. When this happens, the AI-messaging content will be displayed in a premium space that is generally used for advertising special games and promotions.

LeoVegas Group CEO Gustaf Hagman said he was happy to see the company embrace this initiative and roll-out AI messaging across multiple brands. Hagman said that leveraging AI-messaging during the early stages when a new player is getting used to the platform is a great way to set the tone for players to gamble responsibly.

Hagman said they were happy to use their premium advertising space to reach out to customers who are struggling with their gambling habits. LeoVegas is committed to promoting responsible gambling across all of its platforms and this latest AI-messaging initiative is another step showcasing its commitment to work with the UKGC and protect players from gambling related harms.

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