MGC Set To Make Decision On Encore Boston License

MGC Set To Make Decision On Encore Boston License March 26, 2019 March 26, 2019 Doug Ramirez
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The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) has schedule hearings for next week that will determine if Wynn Resorts will be allowed to retain its casino license in the state. These hearings were set to take place earlier but were delayed mainly due to former CEO Steve Wynn’s legal measures that sought to keep under wraps the information regarding the sexual misconduct allegations against him.

Wynn Resorts was previously awarded a license in 2013 to construct a casino in Boston. The license was given based on the MGC’s impression of Steve Wynn who had a stellar reputation in the gaming industry and was considered a highly ethical and passionate perfectionist in his projects.

As the license was anchored on his reputation, the accusations have placed him in question along with the eligibility of the Boston casino license.

What aggravated the situation was the admission from Wynn Resorts that some of the top brass were aware of the CEO’s improprieties but did not lift a finger to stop it. Wynn Resorts confirm that these officials are not with the company anymore. Still, the MGC is now questioning not just Steve Wynn, but the company itself.

The MGC will conduct hearings and make a final decision which could end up penalizing Wynn Resorts and revoking the license that was awarded towards the development of the Encore Boston Harbor casino resort.

Grand Opening Of Encore In Jeopardy

The Encore Boston Harbor is set to have its grand opening on June 23. Wynn Resorts has proceeded to solicit reservations and has made the necessary preparations for this event. However, if the MGC decides to rescind its approval after the hearings, it would derail the opening of the casino and cause a lot of damage. Wynn Resorts will lose millions of dollars and thousands of jobs will be put on hold or lost.  

Most pundits believe that the Commission would likely let Encore push through, simply because of the extensive damages the revocation would cause. The MGC would be better served in imposing a hefty fine, so that the workers would not be affected. The Commission could place the blame solely on Steve Wynn and just reprimand Wynn Resorts as an organization because they withheld information.

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Alternatives For Wynn Resorts

In a scenario where the MGC does revoke the license of Wynn Resorts to operate the new casino, there are other options available. There are reports that the Mohegan Sun is willing to take over the casino. The tribe has mentioned in a statement last year that it would be eager to take over the casino, if there was any proceeding that would transfer the license to another operator.

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