Perth Casino Royal Commission Submits Interim Report On Casino Operations

Perth Casino Royal Commission Submits Interim Report On Casino Operations July 1, 2021 July 2, 2021 Carolyn Dutton
 Australia July 1, 2021 by Carolyn Dutton

Perth Casino Royal CommissionThe Perth Casino Royal Commission has recently submitted its interim report on its gaming operations to Western Australia Governor Kim Beazley.

The office of the Premier Mark McGowan also received a copy of the report, and it will now be up to the government to decide whether or not to publicly release the interim findings.

The interim report examines the State’s regulatory framework regarding casino operations in Western Australia, as well as any aspects that might enhance the future capability and effectiveness of the state’s gaming regulator, the Gaming and Wagering Commission.

Back in March, former Supreme Court justices Lindy Jenkins and Neville Owen, alongside former auditor-general Colin Murphy were appointed as Royal Commissioners tasked to examine whether or not Crown Perth is suitable to hold a casino gaming license.

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The Perth Casino Royal Commission was established after a scathing report in February from New South Wales Commissioner Patricia Bergin found Crown Resorts unsuitable to hold a license for its Crown Sydney development. The gaming giant has been accused of money laundering, with links to crime syndicates in Asia.

The WA Royal Commission’s second phase of inquiry, which will look more closely at the suitability of Crown Perth to hold a license, will begin in mid-July, with opening statements expected to be made at a hearing scheduled for July 16. The next witnesses will be called starting July 19.

Final Report Due By November 14

Jenkins, Owen, and Murphy are expected to submit their final report, with findings and recommendations, by November 14. This marks the first time that an inquiry of such kind has taken place in Western Australia since the state began granting casino licenses in 1988. Owen said there is now an “increased importance” to conduct similar inquiries, given the social changes that have taken place in over three decades.

Crown Resorts has since been prohibited from operating junkets at its Perth casino. The ban has been extended to cover high roller and other VIP and premium activities. Crown Resorts has been investigated in multiple states for violating gaming regulations pertaining to money laundering and breaching responsible gambling measures.

A Royal Commission was also established in Victoria to inquire into Crown Melbourne’s suitability to hold a license. This and the Bergin inquiry in NSW would help WA Commissioners in making their final findings and recommendations.

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