Three Native Tribes Roll Out Casino Projects To Boost Growth

Three Native Tribes Roll Out Casino Projects To Boost Growth February 2, 2016 February 2, 2016 Paul Butcher
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The Quinault Indian Nation, Yakama Nation and The Cowlitz Indian TribeThree casino projects that promise economic growth to the region are being developed by Native tribes in the state of Washington. These three projects are being developed by The Quinault Indian Nation, The Cowlitz Indian Tribe and Yakama Nation and are cumulatively estimated to be over $100 million and will result in over 1,000 job opportunities being created for tribal members.

The Quinault Indian Nation is expanding its Quinault Beach Resort & Casino located in Ocean Shores. As a part of the expansion, fast-food services will be enhanced, two bars will be added as well as a gift and coffee shop. The expansion will free up 70 percent more space for new slot machines and it will have a new four-story parking garage with a capacity to hold around 500 cars.

The project will result in employment of over 100 construction workers at the time of development and additional permanent jobs will be created once the project is completed.

Currently the Quinault Nation provides around 1,200 employment opportunities for Quinault tribal members and is the largest employer in Grays Harbor County.

In a statement, Don Kajans, Quinault Beach Resort & Casino general manager said

This expansion project not only allows us to employ more locals, it will also help us to bring more people to the area. It’s good for the resort, good for Quinault and good for Ocean Shores. And our patrons will love the changes. The Quinault Beach Resort & Casino has been a major component of Quinault Nation’s employment and economic structure for the past 16 years. It is largely due to its success that we have been able to diversify

The second casino-resort expansion is being carried out by the Yakama Nation for its Yakama Nation Legends Casino in eastern Washington. The project expansion seeks to increase gaming space by 50,000 sq. ft as well as create a 200-room hotel and conference center and a 5,000-sq.ft spa. With the gaming space being increased the casino will also look to incorporate a new poker room and 200 additional slot machines.

The third casino project is in Southwest Washington and is being developed by the Cowlitz Tribe. The casino project is a 368,000 sq. ft. gaming, entertainment, dining and conferencing hub that will be spread across 152 acres and is expected to open during the spring of 2017.

These three casino projects are expected to increase gambling revenue in Washington and also create thousands of new jobs in the next couple of years.

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