Viaan Industries Launches Real Money Housie App For Indian Market

Viaan Industries Launches Real Money Housie App For Indian Market February 21, 2020 February 21, 2020 David Walker
 Industry February 21, 2020 by David Walker
Housie Quiz

Viaan Industries is courting controversy yet again. The company’s gaming subsidiary has just released the Housie Quiz app for Android and iOS.

Housie or Tambola is a popular game in the Indian population, though it focuses more on people being lucky than skilled at the game. This is a bit of an issue in the Indian market as games of chance are not legalised. 

The Housie Quiz app allows players to purchase two tickets. These usually cost around Rs. 25 each.

The buyers can then choose to play with these tickets on the day’s live feed format at 8 PM every day or they can choose to use them for the randomly-generated games on the app that runs the games.

The big twist with the usual Tambola is that there is a quiz question from the CEO of Viaan, Raj Kundra, after every number draw. Players who successfully answer the question will also win the number, as long as it is on their tickets. The prizes for this game go up to Rs. 9,999 which players can receive instantly through their Paytm account. 

Housie Quiz


Viaan games also announced that they have a partnership with a national broadcaster. This will allow them to broadcast the snowball Sunday games which are supposed to reward big cash prizes. This will be rolled out from April 20th onwards. Raj Kundra said that he was proud to launch the first real money skill gaming app in India and was happy to implement the quiz function into it to create even more excitement. 

However, the problem is that despite the quiz question, there is still a sizable part of chance in the game. This might cause trouble since most Indian states prohibit games of chance.

Government Might Look Into It 

This is not the first time that Raj Kundra’s gaming ventures have made waves in India. Back in 2016, Kundra promoted a real-money stock game on its website called That game was withdrawn after questions were asked about the legality of stock-based games luring people in.

Another issue popped up back in 2018, when the former promoter of Match Indian Poker League’s (Match IPL) Goa Kings team, actor Sachiin Joshi made allegations regarding the rigging of the Match IPL games. Kundra fired back with alleged his team’s non-payment of dues. Further problems came up with Match IPL when the Goa Lions refused to pay the Rs. 50 lakh fee to participate in the third season of the league.

Raj Kundra and his company could soon find themselves in the middle of another controversy, especially if the government takes notice of this new real money app.

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