Gamban Gets Support From Leading UK Banks

Gamban Gets Support From Leading UK Banks February 20, 2020 February 20, 2020 Carolyn Dutton
 Industry February 20, 2020 by Carolyn Dutton

Gamban has provided customers of Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland with access to anti-gambling software as part of a multi-brand partnership aimed at preventing problem gambling behaviours. 

Gamban software now powers all of the banking options offered by Lloyds. The initial integration was completed late last month. The partnership has already resulted in significant changes with a significant number of Lloyds customers opting into the anti-gambling software.

Gamban is available on a plethora of devices and operating systems. All iOS, Windows, MacOS, and Windows users all have access to Gamban, which limits their ability to gamble online. 

The partnership between Gamban and Lloyds comes in the wake of pressure being imposed on the UK gambling industry as many legislators have stated that the current gambling regulations are not stringent enough to protect vulnerable customers have from the gambling industry.

The founder of Gamban, Jack Symons, praised Lloyds’ initiative in seeking out ways to protect their customers. Symons said that his software puts out gambling hurdles such as spend control and cutting-edge gambling-blocking features which will undoubtedly make a difference in ensuring that vulnerable customers are kept safe from problematic gambling behaviours.

Proactive Measures Against Gambling Harms

Lloyds’ partnership with Gamban is not the first time the banking giant has sought out ways to protect its clientele from gambling harms. 

Lloyds also instituted Gambling Freezes last November, where their customers will be able to limit their gambling expenditures by excluding certain credit and debit cards from gambling transactions. Should they choose to reverse their decision to self-exclude from gambling, customers will have to wait 48 hours to make sure that their decision was not made in a hurry or under momentary stress.

Gambling Freezes came into effect soon after the UK Gambling Commission publicly stated that they will be banning the use of credit cards in gambling-related transactions come April 2020. Lloyds has assured its customers that it is working with gambling support organisations to ensure that they can offer multiple layers of protection and support tools against problem gambling.

The Managing Director of Consumer Finance of Lloyds, Elyn Corfield stated that the banking giant is fully aware of the havoc gambling can cause on one’s life, if left uncontrolled. Corfield assured Lloyds customers that they will have a suite of support options to ensure their safety. Corfield also stated that Lloyds’ partnership with Gamban will provide customers with three months of free access to the anti-gambling software.

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