Missouri Rep Introduces Measure Covering Gaming Machines

Missouri Rep Introduces Measure Covering Gaming Machines March 8, 2024 March 8, 2024 Carolyn Dutton
 Legislation March 8, 2024 by Carolyn Dutton

Crystal Quade wants to legalise and regulate gaming machines in MissouriSummary:

  • House Bill 2835 will legalize and regulate the machines.
  • Businesses would be limited to five machines or less.
  • Children must not have access to the gaming machines.

For some time now, gaming machines known as ‘no chance’ options have been offered in Missouri, specifically in Springfield.

Representative Crystal Quade says she has been contacted by state citizens who feel these machines are becoming a problem and must be regulated. The machines are not under any jurisdiction or regulation, and Quade feels it’s time to do something about it.

The representative has introduced legislation that would regulate the games, limit the number of slot machines a business can offer, and ensure the games are out of the reach of children.

House Bill 2835

The ‘no chance’ games are popping up everywhere, including gas stations and other local businesses. With House Bill 2835, Quade plans to legalize and regulate the machines to ensure they are fair and compliant. The law would limit businesses to five machines or less and require them to be located in a private area. This will ensure children do not have access to the games.

Taxes would be set on the devices, and the new stream of income is estimated to bring in as much as $500 million for the state. Quade says some of the funds will go to education, and some will be used for public safety. For now, the games are operating freely, with no supervision and no payments made to the state.

Springfield Bans the Gaming Machines

This year, Springfield became the first state to ban the gaming machines due to legalities. Torch Electronics, the owner of the devices, then filed a lawsuit. The company feels that the matter must be decided on a state level and that the legislature must address outdated and vague gaming laws.


Currently, eight bills in the legislature deal with gaming or sports betting. Quade’s bill is in the early stages and would allow the machines to operate. However, cities can institute their own ban on the games if they like.

Quade feels that regulating the games will ensure they are not in residential neighborhoods and give local municipalities the chance to avoid them if locals do not want them in their neighborhoods. The bill by Quade would also allow sports betting, an activity that is not legal in the state. Most neighboring states offer the option, so Missouri is missing out on revenues as players cross borders to post their wagers.

Rep. Quade is also running for governor, so she is making quite the push in 2024. It will be interesting to see if her legislation gains any support and if she can make major changes in the state if she gains the new position.

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