A Former VP Says Casino Operators Need To Improve Customer Experience

A Former VP Says Casino Operators Need To Improve Customer Experience December 17, 2018 December 17, 2018 Carolyn Dutton
 Industry December 17, 2018 by Carolyn Dutton
catherine burns

Catherine Burns, former senior VP of Scientific Games, points out that casino operators should be working on improving and upgrading their customer experience if they want to stay relevant in the entertainment market.

Burns believes that emulating big tech companies like Nike, Amazon, and Apple is a good approach in this new world of entertainment choices.

Casinos are competing with various other industries for customers and they need to step up their game.

Interaction And Innovative Technologies

Burns recently spoke at a seminar hosted by Harrah College of Hospitality at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She talked about how casinos should be using innovative technologies and using them to get insight on customers and their behaviour.

In a statement, Burns said

When a player tells us he’s not happy, do we have a host going up to them immediately? Do they understand the whole profile of that player or customer? Do they know that the player is playing their online sportsbook, and do they know that player is consuming a ton of food and beverage and whether they are using nightclubs? That’s where we are at now of starting to build that profile of the player to really understand their value to the entire integrated resort or the entire casino property

Burns then followed up with two examples of how mobile technologies can supplement and improve the traditional customer experience.

For example, Apple employees interact with customers from sales to payment with the help of a mobile app so that they can get real-time info and provide every customer need. Additionally, Amazon customer reps usually have a customer’s full spending information in front of them when they talk on the phone so that they can react accordingly. She believes it is time casino operators looked at improving their technology and customer experience and putting together a document on best practices.

Knowing Your Customer

Burns pointed out that the only way for casinos to expand their customer base is to provide what customers want. To get this knowledge, they need to know more about their customer. If a visitor wants to play slots, table games, or other options, the casino should know about it and be able to respond accordingly.

To do this, artificial intelligence, recommendation options, and other predictive technologies should be deployed on the gaming floors. The aim is to deliver a fun and enjoyable experience to the customer so that they will come back.

Burns recommends the use of rating systems that allow customers to grade services. She also points out that casinos should keep their eye out for influencers that can point thousands of potential customers in their direction with the right tweet.

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