Iowa Legislators Debate Push For Online Casino Gaming Expansion In 2022

Iowa Legislators Debate Push For Online Casino Gaming Expansion In 2022 January 5, 2022 January 5, 2022 Carolyn Dutton
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  • Iowa pushing for gaming expansion in 2022
  • Wild Rose casino backs amended gaming regulation
  • Online casino games could soon be a reality

The state of Iowa is making plans to expand its online gaming options. Currently, residents in the state only have sports betting as their outlet for online fun. With the expansion, they would be able to enjoy casino games online. This change can greatly affect the local gaming market. There are several supporters and detractors on both sides.

One of the bigger supporters is the CEO and president of the Wild Rose Casino, Tom Timmons. The Wild Rose is one of Iowa’s most prominent gaming locations and will be affected by the gambling law change. The gaming regulator in Iowa is taking a neutral stance on the issue and says it will leave the decision up to state legislators.

Wild Rose Backs iGaming Push

Timmons says that he has weighed the pros and cons of online gaming legislation and is throwing his full support behind it. He points out that the expansion of online games is already taking place in other states. He wants Iowa to push forward quickly with iGaming legislation and not be one of the last states to implement iGaming legislation.

Timmons’ support stems from the fact he thinks that brick-and-mortar casinos might see a drop in business in the coming years. He believes the dip will happen irrespective of whether iGaming is legalized or not. By having iGaming as another option, it will provide gaming operators another avenue to boost their revenues when the land based gaming sector dips. He thinks that the Wild Rose casino would be able to have consistent customers while also expanding its player base online.

Timmons is very optimistic about the push for online gaming. He says that Wild Rose casino has already signed contracts with online gaming providers so that the casino would be ready when the gaming law changes.

Supporters and Detractors

While Timmons is in favour of iGaming expansion, not everyone is. There are some legislators who want a detailed study to be carried out before moving forward with the changes. State Rep. Bobby Kaufmann thinks that it will take a few years of study before one can push forward with legalization.

Some land based casino operators believe that online gaming would eat into the profits of brick-and-mortar casinos and are not willing to support the move.

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