Tamaulipas, Mexico Prepares To Welcome 30 New Casinos In 2019

Tamaulipas, Mexico Prepares To Welcome 30 New Casinos In 2019 December 7, 2018 December 7, 2018 Paul Butcher
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Tamaulipas, MexicoThe Government of Tamaulipas decided to pass a law in 2017 that banned all forms of gambling in the state. The move was a big blow to gambling establishments operating in Tamaulipas as they earned a significant amount of revenue from both domestic and international tourists who would come to enjoy the clubs, casinos and nightlife that Tamaulipas had to offer.

The state government approved legislation in November that would overturn this gambling ban and permit casinos to once again operate in the state.

One of the main reasons the ban was invoked in the first place was due to concerns about organized crime and the safety concerns posed by having a strong gambling presence in the state.

The environment in Tamaulipas was considered too rough and insecure and many tourists were scared away as their governments put Tamaulipas on the list of dangerous places. However, the gambling ban hasn’t worked well for the state not for the state coffers and it appears that within a period of 18 months, the government has had a change of heart and has found new ways of making sure that Tamaulipas will be a safe place with a legalized casino industry.

Carlos García González, who is the Secretary for Economic Development said that the next move in the process is for the Government to release a statement confirming that the ban on the casino industry has been officially lifted. The Government will then have to apply for to get a license from the federal government.

Thirty Casinos Could Open In 2019

González expects the Tamaulipas government to have everything worked out in a few months and believes that there could be close to 30 casinos that will open their doors before the end of 2019. The move will also help keep locals from travelling to places like Nuevo León where casinos are legal.

In a statement, González said

I believe that this will help the border area, there could be a little bit more tourism, there are a lot of people in the Rio Grande Valley and in Texas who would be open to crossing the border to have a good time.

The move to life the ban on the casino industry will also benefit small and medium businesses in Tamaulipas as foreigners will spend their money on hotels, restaurants and bars.

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