New Poll Shows That Boston Supports Mayor Walsh’s Stance On Everett Casino

New Poll Shows That Boston Supports Mayor Walsh’s Stance On Everett Casino October 9, 2015 October 9, 2015 Paul Butcher
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wynn casino everettThe on-going legal drama between the city of Boston, Mayor Walsh and Wynn Resorts continues to be played out in the media. Both parties are unable to find a mutual agreement over the proposed $1.6 billion Wynn Everett casino and have resorted to filing lawsuits against one another and using the media to vent their frustrations.

It appears that the city of Boston and Mayor Walsh are on the backfoot as Walsh recently decided to file a second lawsuit against Wynn Resorts and many believe this is because Walsh realizes that his first lawsuit against the state gaming commission would not get a ruling in his favour.

The city of Boston has tried to stop the Wynn Everett project unsuccessfully as a critical environmental permit has already been approved, allowing Wynn Everett to prepare ground for its construction phase.

The mayor of Everett has expressed his disappointment over the actions of Mayor Walsh and stated that it appears everytime Walsh does not get his way; he runs to the court and files a lawsuit. Billionaire and Wynn Resorts Chairman has gone on record to state that Mayor Walsh is an unreasonable man and someone that he could not negotiate with.

The Global Strategy Group conducted a poll from the 15th to the 17th of September to see how many voters in Boston approved of Mayor Walsh’s stance on the Everett casino. The poll looked at 403 voters and results suggest that 59% of those surveyed gave Walsh a good or excellent rating for his handling of the Everett casino. His overall rating as the Mayor of Boston also looked good as 77% voted in his favour and stated that he was doing a good job.

Wynn Resorts is not paying a lot of attention to the poll and state that those ratings would be a lot less impressive, if the poll was to be conducted in Everett. In a statement, Robert DeSalvio, president of Wynn Everett said

The casino is in Everett and if you were to broaden out that poll and certainly if you were to talk to the residents of Everett, you’d get a completely different story. I understand the poll, but it’s certainly narrowly focused for just Boston and I think if you broadened it out, you might get a little different result.

Wynn Resorts stated that they were not going to focus on the lawsuit or such polls but would instead focus on completing the Wynn Everett casino without any delays.

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