Playtech now using GBG for ID verification

Playtech now using GBG for ID verification August 24, 2015 August 24, 2015 Paul Butcher
 General August 24, 2015 by Paul Butcher

playtechAs part of running a strong and vibrant security system, Playtech plc has finally selected GBG for its ID verification. GBG is a UK based security firm that processes identity verification products and this will see Playtech making use of their products as from now.

According to the Statement, GBG will start providing its identity verification products to Playtech’s casino licenses via its IMS platform at which user identities will be verified so as to reduce the acts of money luandering and fraud.

Currently, GBG is awaiting for the deal to be approved by regulators and this will also see the UK security firm also offering a service names Plus500 for Playtech’s financial trading service division.

Speaking on the deal, Playtech’s COO Shimon Akad said,

The services immediately take action has the player registers an account and the main task of GBG services is to monitor transactions, fraud, and risk management.

By working with GBG, we will be able to offer the best identity intelligence solutions and this will help us work effectively as well as delivering quality services to our clients.

The deal is now currently waiting for approval from the regulators and once approved, GBG services will be implemented on all Playtech’s Casinos.

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