Resorts World LV Looking To Woo Players To New Poker Room With 30 Tables

Resorts World LV Looking To Woo Players To New Poker Room With 30 Tables June 28, 2021 June 28, 2021 Doug Ramirez
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Resorts World Las VegasThe Las Vegas casino market is slowly returning to normal and the opening of the $4.3 billion Resorts Worlds Las Vegas casino resort is expected to give the Las Vegas gaming market a much needed boost and help it to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic blues.

Resorts Worlds Las Vegas opened its doors to the public on June 24 and has witnessed a huge influx of patrons as expected. This casino resort has taken over a decade to complete and is the first Las Vegas casino resort to be built from the ground up and open in the last decade.

The poker room at Resorts Worlds Las Vegas has a total of 30 poker tables with a breakup of 3 private tables, 2 high stakes VIP tables and 25 regular poker tables. While the casino did see a huge influx of visitors, the poker room did not get a lot of action during the last few days.

Las Vegas used to have a thriving poker scene but those numbers have dropped significantly after COVID. There were over 30 poker rooms before the pandemic hit but there are now only 21 operating poker rooms including the Resorts Worlds Las Vegas poker room.

Resorts Worlds Las Vegas is currently not focusing on heavily promoting its poker room and is only running low stakes cash games in the range of $1 to $5 games. On the rare occasion, the stakes might go up and $5 to $10 poker games take place. There are no daily tournaments run as of now and no announcements have been made regarding hosting any exciting poker tournaments in the coming weeks.

For now, it looks like Resorts Worlds Las Vegas wants to focus on its casino games and non-gaming activities and not focus too much on promoting its poker room.

Stiff Competition For New Poker Room

Resorts Worlds Las Vegas will have to do more in the coming months to promote its poker room as it faces stiff competition from other established poker rooms at the Wynn, Bellagio, Aria and Venetian.

Resorts Worlds Las Vegas will have to host a few exciting poker tournaments going forward in order to establish its poker room. The poker room will also need to come out with more mid stakes and high stakes cash games in order to attract more attention from the live poker community.

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