Soft2Bet Opts for Onfido’s Biometric Platform for Client Onboarding

Soft2Bet Opts for Onfido’s Biometric Platform for Client Onboarding July 23, 2021 July 23, 2021 Carolyn Dutton
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Soft2bet to Onfido's biometric identity verification systemSoft2Bet, a prominent provider of casino and sportsbook platform, has chosen biometric identity verification system of Onfido to run its streamlined remote client enrollment procedure.

With a government ID document verification, webcam biometrics, and activeness recognition, the solution simplifies Soft2Bet’s onboarding procedure and automates its KYC procedures. Soft2Bet will be able to conduct secure and simple identity verification for user onboarding thanks to the authentication pioneer Onfido’s technology.

Onfido’s award-winning solution uses artificial intelligence (AI) and face biometrics to authenticate users’ credentials and provide a better user experience for Soft2Bet customers while reducing cheating. The integration automates client onboarding and streamlines Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.

This enables Soft2bet to properly validate the legitimacy of their clients’ true identities, allowing consumers to begin using the gambling platform sooner.

Customers must upload a selfie and a snapshot of their government-issued identification document (ID). Onfido first verifies that the ID is genuine and not a forgery before matching it to the client’s picture. This procedure ensures that the individual giving the identification is the rightful owner and physically available. Customers may use a simple and user-friendly web based experience to verify their identification and onboard safely.



As a result, Soft2Bet’s application for a Malta Gaming Licence (MGA) for its Frumzi casino has been approved, allowing it to expand the brand throughout MGA markets with a selection of slots, live dealer games and jackpot games.

The agreement offers Soft2Bet with the identity verification capability and knowledge it requires to continue offering an industry-leading product

said Boris Chaikin, CEO of Soft2Bet.

Chaikin further stated:

We have huge goals, therefore we’re thrilled that Onfido’s path-breaking fraud identification system may help us achieve them.

It allows us to mechanize a large portion of our KYC procedures, and the integration with our prevailing technology has proven to be frictionless, making onboarding considerably easier for our clients.

Onfido’s Director of Alliances and Partnerships, Ed Ackerman, stated,

Consumers will no longer face the issue of selecting either rapid digital onboarding or security.

In current digital era, consumers should be able to quickly establish their true identity while realizing it is safe when registering for online services, which is why Soft2Bet is a good fit for us. We provide access to digital services without undermining user’s security and satisfaction first.

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