Suncity Corp Using Pop Concerts And Luxury Jets To Lure VIP Gamblers To Macau

Suncity Corp Using Pop Concerts And Luxury Jets To Lure VIP Gamblers To Macau November 24, 2017 November 24, 2017 Paul Butcher
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Asian casino junket operator Suncity Group’s rewards program is having a lot of success in luring high rollers to Macau’s casinos. Suncity Group is rated as one of the biggest junket operators in Asia and is estimated to control at least 40 percent of Macau’s junket market. Now that Macau’s VIP gaming market has started to recover and high-rollers have started to come back to Macau’s casinos, Suncity is once again ramping up its efforts to be a major player in the VIP gaming market.

Suncity’s decade-long rewards program is a credit card-like rewards initiative where VIP gamblers’ bets could be turned into points, which then can be redeemed for luxury items and services. Alvin Chau, Suncity’s founder and chairman stated that the program’s travel and entertainment offerings are one of the main reasons why it is so popular with the VIP segment.

Some of these VIP reward program features included access to a special concert with Hong Kong pop-star Jacky Cheung held in August as well as a private jet shuttle to a attend a special VIP party in Manila in May. Suncity also threw a 10th anniversary spring dinner where more than 5,000 VIPs were brought to Macau earlier this year. Some of these events would see VIP clients being chauffeured into the venue in cars bearing the Suncity logo.

Suncity Group 太陽城集團

Points accumulated through the program can also be exchanged for luxury jewellery, private jet services, and hotel and travel packages. Chau noted that these entertainment events and luxury items have proven to be so successful they have seen a 30 percent boost in betting volumes this year. In fact, the company said that with the rewards program, they could rake in Golden Week revenue on a non-Golden Week holiday.

The National Golden Week in China is a peak season for many gaming operators in Macau since thousands of mainland Chinese flock to the region for the week-long break. Next year, Suncity expects another 20 percent growth from the rewards program.

Suncity’s non-gaming offerings are also a welcome development in conjunction with Macau’s recent annual policy address. Macau’s Chief Executive Chui Sai On said that the gaming regulator will be tightening regulations over its junket operators and will be encouraging casinos to continue to ramp up their non-gaming offerings.

In a statement, Chau said,

Gambling is a very sensitive word on China’s mainland. Our business is not considered ideal because our casino takings are far more than non-gaming revenue. So we are investing hard on travel products to dilute the emphasis on gambling

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