The Venetian And Palazzo Casino-Resorts Face Lawsuit Over Fees

The Venetian And Palazzo Casino-Resorts Face Lawsuit Over Fees March 25, 2015 March 25, 2015 Paul Butcher
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VenetianEarly this March, The Venetian and Palazzo Casino-Resorts were notified that a lawsuit was filed against them alleging that they hid their daily resort fees from customers and included them when the final bill was generated.

The lawsuit was filed by Benjamin Brin from Studio City who felt that both these casinos purposely hid their daily resort fees from travelers who were looking to stay in properties on the Las Vegas strip.

Benjamin Brin filed a class-action lawsuit in the state of California stating that he stayed at The Venetian during June 2014 and was told the price of his room was $209. The resort did not intimate him at any point of time regarding their daily resort fees and Brin was only informed when he received his reservation confirmation by email. The email informed him that a daily resort fee charge of $29 would be added for every night he stayed at the resort.

Both the Venetian And Palazzo Casino-Resorts charge customers $29 as part of a daily fee for amenities such as a pool, gym and internet. These charges are applicable even if a guest does not use them. Brin felt that was unfair and hired Brian Kabateck as his lawyer to take the casinos to court. The Las Vegas Sands Corp owns both the Venetian And Palazzo Casino-Resorts and faced a similar lawsuit in 2012 which was then later dismissed in 2013.

Kabateck stated that these resorts must stop such practices as they were not acceptable. He wanted these resorts to do more to publicize these additional charges and make customers aware of what will be included in their bill on a daily basis. Back in 2012, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a warning letter to hotel operators and asked them to stop all hidden charges and make their fees and surcharges clear to customers so that there would be issues over billing during the checkout stage.

The Las Vegas Sands Corp paid attention to this circular and decided to revamp its website so that customers would be able to see that such a fee is mentioned as part of the package but the fee is not mentioned in the grand total. The Las Vegas Sands Corp was not willing to comment on the lawsuit at this point of time.

Kabateck has asked for both the Venetian And Palazzo Casino-Resorts to post their daily resorts fee all over the website so that customers are clear on their additional charges.

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