Aruze Gaming Introduces Digital Version of Craps To Target Millennials

Aruze Gaming Introduces Digital Version of Craps To Target Millennials October 12, 2018 October 12, 2018 Kate Gonda
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Aruze GamingGlobal gaming firm Aruze has developed a new craps version which has been designed to appeal to millennials. The new table game comes as a digital version game and hopes to lessen the intimidation factor at casino tables.

Las Vegas-based Aruze Gaming showcased its “Roll to Win Craps” at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) held this week at the Sands Expo Center. The latest version of the dice game combines digital technology with a dealer and real dice. Bets are placed digitally with the dice being rolled on an LED tabletop. Payouts are similar with that on a regular table and a live dealer is monitoring all the action.

The innovation provides added comfort and convenience as players no longer need to walk up to the regular table to place bets. The dealer also doesn’t have to manually collect the chips, eliminating the chance of wrong payouts. A player’s spot lights up in flames whenever he or she places a bet or gets on a hot roll. The game creates a new environment for players and provides a sense of community.

Caesars Entertainment has already expressed interest in testing the craps version in a live casino setting. Kerry Whitney, vice president of table games for Caesars said they are considering setting up a table at the LINQ hotel and casino, in an area featuring other digital games.

In a statement, Whitney said

The one game that keeps growing year over year is craps. It’s a communal game where people can root for one another. When you walk through a casino and you hear the loudest screams, they’re at the craps table. I think the millennial type of customer will gravitate toward that excitement

Aruze Continuing To Experiment

Aruze’s “Roll to Win Craps” is the latest addition to its digital table game portfolio. The global entertainment company has an array of games that have developed to keep players engaged by using the latest technology in the market. Aruze’s electronic casino games are showcased in the “G-Station” product section of their website.

Current games include Lucky Big Wheel, Shoot to Win Craps, Virtual Roulette, Dealer’s Angels Blackjack and Dealer’s Angels Baccarat. Aruze has subsidiaries in several countries including Australia, South Africa, China and the Philippines. It debuted at the Global Gaming Exhibition in September 2014 and has since been a regular participant at the Las Vegas expo.

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