DGOJ Figures Show iGaming Market Q4 Slow Down In Spain

DGOJ Figures Show iGaming Market Q4 Slow Down In Spain February 6, 2019 February 6, 2019 Carolyn Dutton
 Industry February 6, 2019 by Carolyn Dutton
Direccion General de Ordenacion del Juego

The latest figures from Spain’s gambling regulatory body show the country’s iGaming market growth slowed significantly in the last quarter of 2018.

While locally licensed iGaming operators enjoyed a 25.5 percent increase in overall revenue last year, it still represents a slower growth rate compared with 30.8 percent in 2017 and 34.4 percent in 2016.

In the three months ending December 31, 2018, revenue generated by locally licensed operators rose to €189.5 million, a 4.2 percent increase on Q3 and a 10.7 percent rise when compared to Q4 of 2017.

The figures released by Spain’s Direccion General de Ordenacion del Juego (DGOJ) show online casino revenue increased by 6.4 percent to hit €64.8 million, representing a nearly one-third year on year growth. Slots enjoyed a 42.4 percent year on year improvement, generating total revenue of €36.4 million. Q4 revenue for live roulette was up 35.4 percent to €12.9 million, while “conventional” roulette also enjoyed a 15.6 percent increase to €8.7 million. Blackjack recorded an 8.7 percent growth at €6.7 million.

Meanwhile, the cross-border liquidity sharing pact with Portugal and France contributed to the 6.4 percent rise in revenue generated by Spain’s online poker market. It posted total revenue of almost €21.1 million. Cash games generated €8 million in Q4, representing a 27.4 percent year on year growth, while tournaments rose to nearly 43 percent, recording overall revenue of €13 million.

Despite a 1 percent drop in bingo spending, online bingo revenue was up by 12 percent to bring in €3.5 million. The “competition” vertical suffered a sequential drop of 47 percent to just €169,000, representing an 89.5 percent year on year decline.

Growth Slowed Down Despite Boost in Marketing Investment

For the whole of 2018, casino revenue also rose by 39 percent to €238 million. Online poker (€82 million) and bingo (€13 million) both recorded increases of 37 percent and 18 percent respectively.

However, the figures represent modest growth, despite an increase in marketing costs which stood at €95.11 million in Q4. More than half of the expenditure went to advertising (€49.81 million). Around €32.15 million was spent on promotions, while affiliate costs took up €9.67 million.

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