Las Vegas Casino Spends Weeks Searching For 6 Figure Jackpot Winner

Las Vegas Casino Spends Weeks Searching For 6 Figure Jackpot Winner February 9, 2022 February 9, 2022 Paul Butcher
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Robert Taylor receives cheque after being tracked down by Treasure Island CasinoSummary

  • Tourist wins jackpot at Las Vegas casino
  • Casino searches for tourist for three weeks
  • Jackpot win nets him $229,000

In an unusual incident or what one may call a stroke of luck, a Las Vegas casino tracked down an unassuming victor after three weeks of searching.

Robert Taylor, a tourist from Arizona, had won $229,000 on a slot machine in LV but was unaware of his victory because of a display error in the slot machine.

Exhaustive Investigation by NGCB Tracks Down Taylor

Taylor had landed the massive victory on 8 January 2022, when he played on a slot machine at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB), Taylor and the casino staff did not realize that he had won the jackpot due to a malfunction. By the time it was confirmed that the tourist had indeed been lucky after a complete review of the slot machine and the communications technology, Taylor had returned to Arizona.

The Treasure Island casino had to put in immense efforts to identify the winner. Several venues were checked for surveillance footage that would hint at the lucky patron. Analysis of electronic purchase records, witness interviews, and a review of ride-share data obtained by the Nevada Transportation Authority comprised an exhaustive process to track the winner.

Finally, Taylor was identified as the victor and was informed about the same on 28 January 2022, almost three weeks after the windfall gain. Gaming officials affirmed that Robert Taylor would return to Las Vegas to claim his jackpot winnings of $229,368.52.

James Taylor, the chief of enforcement at the Nevada Gaming Control Board commended the division’s agents on a job well done. The officer extended his gratitude to the Nevada Transportation Authority for their cooperation. The chief reiterated the NGCB’s aim to uphold the protection of the public and to ensure compliance with strict industry regulations. According to him, the incident had sent a strong message about government cooperation in ensuring public welfare.

Nevada Says Gaming Market Slowly Recovering

In its January report, Nevada’s state gaming board disclosed that gambling operations in the state had recovered ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Statistics show that the casinos in the state earned record revenue of $13.4 billion in 2021, $1.4 billion more than what they registered in 2019.

Board analyst Michael Lawton said that the figures for 2021 set a record for gaming wins and beat the $12.8 billion record set in 2007.

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