Nevada Gov Says Casino Emergency Plans Will Save Lives

Nevada Gov Says Casino Emergency Plans Will Save Lives June 10, 2019 June 10, 2019 Doug Ramirez
 Industry June 10, 2019 by Doug Ramirez

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak recently approved a bill that requires gambling establishments to present concrete emergency response plans annually. The new bill ensures that Las Vegas casinos will now take on an even greater responsibility of guarding their customers and providing better safety at all times.

The new Senate and Assembly-approved Bill 69 demands all Nevada casinos to submit their updated emergency plans for scrutiny, before the first of November each year.

The legislation also seeks to assemble a special task force that will supervise and check the implementation of these security plans, as well as establish an electronic database and system to easily track these emergency provisions.

Prevent Another Mandalay Bay Shooting

Bill 69 will look to provide more assistance to the capabilities of the Nevada Resort Planning Task Force. The task force was established in 2017 in the wake of the tragic Mandalay Bay shooting which left 58 dead and 422 wounded after a gunman opened fire on a Las Vegas concert ground.

Prior to the incident, gambling establishments in the state had not had their emergency plans assessed for five years in a row. A casino’s non-compliance with the new law is punishable by fines, the suspension of their license, or the loss of their right to operate entirely, under the jurisdiction of the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

However, the law is not limited to only casinos as it requires relevant local government offices to submit emergency plans too.

Nevada Will Focus On Providing Better Safety

Sisolak said that he is proud to see legislation that reinforces the need for emergency response plans for the entire state, including for local government offices, schools, and hotels. The governor sees this as the right step in keeping all Nevadans, as well as the tourists and visitors of the state safe at all times.

Casino operators will now have to meet a number of stipulations as per the new bill. They will have to provide full details of their Nevada casinos floor and ground plans, with annotated descriptions of access routes and a thorough evacuation scheme. Gambling establishments are also required to submit the names and designations of the staff responsible for the implementation and compliance of its emergency plans.

The new law received support from both republican and democratic parties in the state as it looks to mitigate the dangers faced by in the modern world and ensure another incident like the Mandalay Bay shooting of 2017 never happens again in Nevada.

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