Voluntary Casino Ban Requests Rises At Kangwon Land

Voluntary Casino Ban Requests Rises At Kangwon Land April 19, 2017 April 19, 2017 Paul Butcher
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The number of gamblers seeking voluntary self-ban from the Kangwon Land casino, the only gaming facility in South Korea that allows entry to locals has increased by around 25 percent in the past four years according to a local media report quoting official sources.

The report has citied a source from the Kangwon Land Addiction Care Center who has said that the increase shows the efficiency of the center’s problem gambling programs and prevention measures. According to the news outlet, around 4,440 individuals applied for a self imposed ban in 2016, as compared to 3,484 in 2012. The ban lasts for three years.

As per existing rules, a person can ask for self exclusion three times after which they are banned from gambling at Kangwon Land indefinitely. Once a self-exclusion ban application is accepted, the person is provided with KRW100,000 (approximately $88) for their return journey to home. Casino authorities run a number of other programs that also seek to address problem gambling according to the news report.

Gamblers have the option to voluntarily limit the numbers of days in a month that they can access the gambling floor. The number of gamblers who opted for this program numbered 3,646 in 2016, while in 2014 the number was 513 and in 2012 just 25. The casino’s problem gambling measures also includes a provision under which players are banned from entering the gaming floor of Kangwon Land for a month if they access the gaming facilities for over 14 days in a month for two successive months.

The report also highlighted the existence of a more stringent program currently in trial where players are limited to one to 14 days of access per month with a provision that the none of the agreed upon terms including the days of access can be changed at a later date. Incentives amounting to up to KRW500,000 will be made available to participants for this program.

According to the report, the pilot program currently has around 164 participants. There are in all 17 casinos in South Korea with the 18th casino set to open on April 20. As of now, only the Kangwon Land casino resort which is located in an upland province allows locals to access the casino. Kangwon Land’s latest financial results have revealed a sharp drop in casino revenue according to a note by investment banking firm Morgan Stanley who have attributed the drop to political reasons that have impacted the casino.

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