Czech Republic Makes New Online Gambling Legislation

Czech Republic Makes New Online Gambling Legislation April 21, 2014 April 21, 2014 Paul Butcher
 General April 21, 2014 by Paul Butcher

Czech RepublicThe Czech Republic has decided to draft another online gambling bill which will be released before the end of June, 2014. The New Online Legislation will be drafted by the finance ministers and should be in accordance of the European Commission. It has been reported that the legislators asked the finance ministers to prepare the new online gambling legislation.

The European Commission dismissed Czech Republic’s proposal that was issued last year and this was considered as a fail at which they have decided to make a new bill as the best option. The European Commission dismissed the proposal as they believed that the bill would be against the technological development, consumer safety and detrimental to competition. The proposed bill had serious restrictions for foreign operators and also did not take into consideration the basic technology regarding to remote gaming.

According to the European Commission, the bill was not compatible to the EU law and its draft regulation in question did not recognize the element that may be problematic to the European Law.

However, the new bill being prepared by the finance ministers will be in full context addressing the serious flaws and will be friendly for both foreign and domestic operators as well as providing safety for both the consumer and the market.

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