Oklahoma Casinos Make Preparations To Roll Out Dice And Ball Games

Oklahoma Casinos Make Preparations To Roll Out Dice And Ball Games August 6, 2018 August 6, 2018 Carolyn Dutton
 Legislation August 6, 2018 by Carolyn Dutton

Casinos in Oklahoma will soon be able to operate dice and ball games such as roulette and craps after a new law was passed in April during the last legislative session. David Qualls, Chairman of the Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association is quite excited with this new opportunity and said that being able to offer these games will mean more commerce and bring in more tourists.

A niche group of players who like playing dice and ball games have stayed away from the casinos because their favorite games were not on offer. The new law will allow casino operators to bring in a new set of players once they start offering dice and ball games. This is expected to bring in $24 million for the state with 80% of those proceeds going directly into Oklahoma’s educational system to help finance raises for teachers and learning resources.

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The only thing standing in their way is time as the casinos are waiting for the Department of Interior to grant final approval. In the meantime, several casinos are getting ready to roll as soon as approval from Washington is official.

Lana Rivera, General Manager of Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa says that all of their dealers have gone through anywhere from 20 up to 200 hours of training. The casino has also acquired new roulette and craps tables which have been placed right in the middle of the casino floor. Rivera thinks that the guests are looking forward to playing these games and expects an overwhelming response once those tables are officially open for action.

Approval Expected Before End Of 2018

Casino operators like Rivera don’t expect that approval will be given in the coming days and there is a sense that even Labor Day might be a little too optimistic. However, there is a wide expectation that they will be given the green light in October. Rivera is confident that these changes will attract a new wave of guests who enjoy ball and dice games. It should be noted that these games will be played a little differently than they are played in places like Las Vegas. The biggest difference will be that players will be betting against each other as opposed to playing against the house.

Some of the other casinos in Osage and Riverspirit have also made changes to accommodate ball and dice games and will be ready to open their tables as soon as approval comes through. Even though the legislation is stalled, it is fully expected to get the go ahead and many in the industry are calling the new rules a win-win.

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