Playtech & GVC Partner To Release New Live Dealer Majority Rules Speed Blackjack

Playtech & GVC Partner To Release New Live Dealer Majority Rules Speed Blackjack June 16, 2020 June 16, 2020 Paul Butcher
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Playtech and GVC Holdings

Live casino gaming has experienced an uptick in recent months as the global lockdown forced a number of gamblers to go online and play live dealer casino games. Players get to interact with a human dealer and other players via live stream and have a very similar experience to playing at a brick and mortar casino. 

Playtech has decided to release a new live dealer casino game to give into the growing demand of this specific audience. The latest game is called Majority Rules Speed Blackjack.

In Majority Rules Speed Blackjack, the rules are mainly dictated by the number of players who are logged on. While the core of the game is classic blackjack which everyone knows and loves, there are two game modes available that make this game special. They are Majority Rules and Best Strategy.

With a large number of players, they all decide on what move to take. This is called Majority Rules. After the initial cards are given out, players are then given a choice of either Hit, Stand, Double, or Split. The action is triggered automatically when it receives 50 percent or more of the vote but if it doesn’t reach that amount, then all votes have to be tallied.

If there are not a lot of players available, then the Best Strategy mode is activated. In this mode, players are asked to choose a strategy to use, instead of choosing a move. Strategies involve betting flows and players pick one they think will be the most successful. Players have to decide whether to accept the vote whenever the Split and Double actions come up since those will require them to spend additional funds.

Developed With GVC Holdings

Playtech teamed up with GVC Holdings to develop this game. The new game is expected to appear on the company’s network of online casinos by the time July comes around.

Playtech Live Casino CEO Edo Haitin was very excited about this release since it shows off Playtech’s dedication to innovate and improve overall gameplay for players. Haitin believes that Majority Rules Speed Blackjack is a prime example of what Playtech represents in the game industry. With the combination of classic blackjack and the community play experience, the new offering is expected to be a hit.

Matt Charlesworth who heads up the Live Casino offering at GVC is in agreement and expects Majority Rules Speed Blackjack to provide a new experience to GVC players. The sense of community shines through during the game and allows for a large number of players to share in a singular experience.

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