Silver Heritage Opens Casino At The Shangri La, Nepal.

Silver Heritage Opens Casino At The Shangri La, Nepal. February 4, 2015 February 4, 2015 Paul Butcher
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Silver Heritage LimitedIn the past, most of Asia has generally adopted a no-gambling policy and as a result there are very few brick & mortar casinos located in countries like India, Sri Lanka, Mainland China and Bangladesh. After seeing the success of Macau, a number of Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand are looking to relax their gambling laws and invite gambling companies to invest by opening new casinos.

The Silver Heritage Limited (SHL) recently announced that they have opened out a new casino in Kathmandu, Nepal. The new casino will operate under the name of ‘The Millionaire’s Club & Casino’ which is located at the Shangri La Hotel in Lazimpat. The casino will cater to Nepalese gamblers but also expects to attract a number of foreigners who come to Nepal as tourists.

The Millionaire’s Club & Casino meets all of Nepal’s strict gaming regulations and will operate as a boutique casino. The casino has 40 electronic gaming machines and 22 live gaming tables. The casino might add to the number of live tables and gaming machines based on the response it receives during the first 12 months.

Nepal is located between India and China and attracts a lot of tourists from both these countries who come to see ‘the Himalayas’ and enjoy the serenity that Nepal offers. SHL believes that if ‘The Millionaire’s Club & Casino’ is marketed and promoted right, then it can turn into a tourist stopover as casinos are prohibited in India and China.

In a statement, SHL CEO Mike Bolsover said

The Company has been looking to invest in the Nepali tourism and recreation industry since 2011 and we are confident the Kathmandu development represents a huge opportunity given its proximity to India and China’s massive and growing middle class and Nepal’s cultural affinity with its Southern neighbour

The casino is opened for business between 6 pm and 2 am and has plans to operate 24/7 in the near future. All casino staff have been extensively trained to provide customers with a world class casino experience. The SHL group plans to invest into Nepal and start construction of a hotel and conference facility in Bhairahawa in the coming months.

The SHL group specializes in gaming investment and focuses on planning, implementing and managing slot machines and electronic table games in Macau, Cambodia, Philippines, Laos and Vietnam. The group also runs gambling operations on cruise ships that sail on international sea routes that have no gambling restrictions.

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