Resorts World Casino NYC Ordered To Enforce COVID-19 Vaccine Checks

Resorts World Casino NYC Ordered To Enforce COVID-19 Vaccine Checks November 12, 2021 November 12, 2021 Paul Butcher
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Resorts World Casino, QueensSummary

  • NBC New York I-Team investigation shows casino not checking vaccination status
  • New York Governor orders Resorts World Casino to carry out vaccination checks
  • Resorts World Casino agrees to comply

Resorts World Casino in Queens found itself in the media after an NBC New York I-Team investigation showed that casino employees were not checking the vaccination status of their guests even though the casino had bold signage everywhere indicating that proof of vaccination was a must at the casino similar to what France and Italy have implemented recently.

NBC New York I-Team Investigation

The NBC New York I-Team investigation saw some of their team members enter the casino as guests to see if the Queens casino was complying with mandatory vaccination checks. They found that they were able to enter restaurants, place their orders and have their meal without being asked for proof of vaccination even though signage explicitly states that no service at the restaurant unless proof of vaccination is shown.

During Aug 13 to Oct 31, a total of 3,005 complaints were raised regarding 311 indoor vendors who were serving guests without asking for proof of vaccination. Resorts World Casino had 22 complaints against it for no checking vaccination cards.

When this came to light, the government initially excused Resorts World Casino saying the rules did not apply to them as their property was situated on state owned land. However, Gov. Kathy Hochul had a change of heart 24 hours later.

NY Government Orders Casino To Comply

Gov. Hochul said that it is her believe that every New Yorker should get vaccinated to stop the spread of COVID-19. Since Resorts World Casino was situated on state owned land, she directed the casino to fully comply with COVID-19 regulations and carry out checks on vaccination cards before allowing patrons into their property.

Resorts World Casino in Queens released a statement and said they had rigorous safety checks in place based on their 21 Safety Plan. They said they were commitment to complying with all safety and health regulations imposed by the government as they look to help the state of New York get back to normal and off online offerings.

Businesses who do not comply with these regulations to check proof of vaccination will be hit with a fine. The first offense gets the business a stern warning, the second offense carries a $1,000 fine, the third offense a $2,000 fine and offenses after that have a $5,000 fine.

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