5 Most Common Mistakes Made When Playing Slots

5 Most Common Mistakes Made When Playing Slots May 5, 2017 September 21, 2017 Paul Butcher
Posted on May 5, 2017 : Updated on September 21, 2017 by Paul Butcher

5 Most Common Mistakes Made When Playing SlotsThis guide has been compiled to help anyone who is new to the world of playing slot machines from making some of the often very costly mistakes that can be made when playing any type of slot machine in absolutely any type of playing environment.

With that in mind we would encourage you to spend some time reading through this guide as to how to play slot machines optimally, and you ever know if you do avoid making the following playing errors you could win a life changing slot machine jackpot in an instant!

Classic Slot Machine Playing Mistakes

When you play a Classic type of slot machine you will not have the opportunity of being able to put into play lots of different pay-lines for one thing that each slot machine in this category of slots shares is one single pay-line that is spread over the middle of the three stepper reels.

What you do have the chance of doing often when playing such a slot machine is being able to play more than one coin on that single pay line. Before you do set about playing such a slot we would advise you to take a look at the jackpot payout that is listed on the pay table of the slot.

If the jackpot payout on offer is bigger in value and enhanced in value when you play those types of slot games with the maximum number of coins in play then you should always play them with the maximum number of coins activated, to ensure you benefit from that enhanced payout when you do finally spin in the jackpot paying winning combination!

Avoid Playing Low RTP Slot Machines

When you want to play any type of slot machine no matter the category of slot machine that appeals to you the most, one thing you must be actively doing is looking up and making a note of the payout percentages each slot machine has been designed to payout.

If you do not do so you could end up playing a slot machine which has a very low payout percentage as opposed to a high one, and when playing lots with very low payout percentages they are only going to pay out to you a small amount of your stakes back as winning payouts.

The very best paying slot machines are always going to be the one that have payout percentages higher than 96%, so made sure when you are next in the frame of mind to get stuck into playing slot machines in any playing environment those are the only slot machines you play!

Fruit Machine Playing Errors

There are some slot machines that are known as Fruit Machines, and they are the type of gaming machines players in the UK usually find available in many different gaming venues.

You can now play such slot machines online, but please be aware that some of them have true skill games and bonus features on offer, and as such you should play fruit machines initially for free to ensure when the true skill bonus games and bonus features are triggered you know who to play them optimally to ensure you get the highest possible payouts from those games and bonus features!

Progressive Slot Machine Playing Mistakes

The aim of you playing progressive jackpot awarding slot machines is of course for you to try and win one of the jackpot attached and on offer on such slot machines, and as such you will be best off reading through the pay tables of such slot machines before you start to play them.

Take for example the Mega Bucks series of slot machines that many bricks and mortar casinos have on offer over in America, each of those slot machines require players to place a maximum stake spin on each spin they play off to have any chance of winning their respective jackpots.

KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas

Therefore one of the easiest and common progressive slot machine playing errors a any player can make is to not put into live play a high enough staked spin that will see them then having the chance of winnings much a jackpot. So make sure you do find out how the jackpot is won on any such slot machines and then set about playing them with that playing structure and requirement in live play!

Most Common Video Slot Machine Playing Errors

Finally, let us now move onto the most commonly available and most popular type of slot machines played in absolutely any type of playing environment. Those slot machines are of course the video slot games on which layers can trigger all manner of unique and potentially very high paying games and bonus features too.

What you need to be aware of before playing such a slot machine is that there can be different ways that you could trigger a video slot games, and as such you could make some playing errors that could see your actual chance of triggering such a bonus game being reduced!

If you choose to play a video slot machine on which to trigger the game you have to spun in a set of bonus symbols form left to right on adjoining reel symbols but on an activated pay line, then if you play those slots with anything other than the maximum number of pay line sin play you have a much reduced chance of triggering them!

With that in mind the only way to play such slots to guarantee you always have the best chance of trigger a bonus game is to put into play maximum pay line spins, adjusting the coin values and number of coins you wager per spin to make that affordable to you!