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Deposit using BitcoinsYou may have been playing at the online casinos for a while but never given much thought to Bitcoin casinos.

However, the recent popularity of Bitcoins and the tremendous growth rate in the amount of casinos now accepting them, and even catering to them, has made it hard for players to ignore.

As a beginner to Bitcoin gambling, you’ll want to learn the basics to determine whether or not you want to give Bitcoin a try and so you know just what to expect. This beginners guide to Bitcoin casinos can be a big help.

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You may be wondering what the difference is between actual Bitcoin casinos and casinos that accept Bitcoin. The difference is, Bitcoin casinos solely cater to those using Bitcoin, other payment methods aren’t accepted. The other online casinos that happen to accept Bitcoin are like the online casinos you may have already been playing at for years. In fact, some of your regular casinos may now be accepting Bitcoin, so it’s a good idea to check available payment methods routinely to see if new ones, such as Bitcoin have been added.

A Beginners Guide to Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin is the world’s most popular form of cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency that allows you to safely and anonymously transfer funds online. The Bitcoin currency has grown increasingly popular since it was introduced into the world, and many online casino players have chosen the Bitcoin currency as their preferred payment method. The Bitcoin currency has become such a popular payment method at online casinos that some online casinos only offer the Bitcoin payment method and no other options.

These particular online casinos are what are known as ‘Bitcoin casinos’ and they are widely used by players who enjoy using their Bitcoin wallets.

The Bitcoin currency was invented out of a need to create a payment method that was totally anonymous and which did not involve any authorities, governments, banks or any third parties whatsoever. This is one of the reasons why Bitcoin is such a popular payment method among online gamblers; as many banking systems monitor transactions being made between online casinos and gamblers.

This can result in having your account suspended or having limits or restrictions imposed onto the amounts which you can deposit and withdraw. This can create complications as well frustrations and time delays in your casino game playing, and by using Bitcoin as your payment method, all of these issues can be avoided entirely. Bitcoin transactions are safe and secure and do not involve many of the additional charges that you are subject to pay with other payment methods involving third parties.


Should you switch to a Bitcoin Casino?

When you play at an online casino. You want to be sure you are playing at one you feel comfortable on and that gives you a loft of features to look forward to each time you log in for some fun gaming. It can take some players quite a bit of time, trial and error to tend up finding the online casino that they feel is the best fit for them. If you are interested in playing at one of the Bitcoin casinos, make sure you know exactly what you are going to want from that casino in the future, not just what you are wanting at this moment.

Here are some questions you should be asking yourself if you are considering switching to a Bitcoin casino:

1. Are you a current player at another online casino?
2. Are you unsatisfied with your current casino and a true Bitcoin player?

How does the Bitcoin currency payment method work?

While your main reason for researching Bitcoins here may be to determine how you can use them to play online casino games, you’ll also want to have a better understanding of other ways in which you can spend them.

You can easily make your deposits into a Bitcoin casino, or simply a Bitcoin friendly online casino by entering your email and the amount of your casino deposit. This keeps your information anonymous, which gives you more security and privacy.

In order to use Bitcoin to make deposits or withdrawals at an online casino, you will first need to create a Bitcoin wallet and fill your wallet with Bitcoins.

In order to do this, navigate to the Bitcoin website and select to open an account and create a wallet. You have the choice of selecting either a cloud wallet, software wallet or hardware wallet. Cloud wallets are the simplest type of wallet and when selecting this option, your Bitcoin wallet will be stored online via a cloud server. The software wallet allows you to store your Bitcoin wallet on your own personal computer and the hardware wallet will store your Bitcoin wallet on an external device such as a USB stick. The only way to access your Bitcoin wallet is by connecting the USB stick.

Once you have selected your wallet you will then need to fill your wallet with Bitcoins. In order to do this you will need to find an online Bitcoin exchange provider, of which there are many. You can purchase Bitcoins using many of the standard payment methods including bank transfers or credit and debit cards. You can also purchase Bitcoins by locating your nearest Bitcoin ATM machine. Once you have purchased the Bitcoins, they will instantly be transferred into your wallet.

In order to make deposits or withdrawals at an online casino using Bitcoin, you will need to find the casino’s Bitcoin address. Navigate to your Bitcoin wallet and add the casino’s Bitcoin address as well as the amount you wish to deposit. The payment will instantly reflect in your online casino account.

In order to make withdrawals using Bitcoin, select to make a withdrawal using Bitcoin and enter your Bitcoin wallet address as well as the amount you wish to withdraw. Bitcoin is very quick with their payments and your withdrawal will be processed instantly.

You can pay people who provide you with a service or product by providing the email address associated with your Bitcoin wallet and entering the amount to Bitcoin you which to send to them. Many utility companies and even online stores now have an option for you to pay with Bitcoins. Once again, the process works in the same way as above, with an email and an amount you which to pay.

What are some advantages of using the Bitcoin payment method?

The advantages of using Bitcoin as a payment method for online casinos are many, and this is evident regarding the large amount of players who prefer this method. Bitcoin transactions are entirely safe and secure, as well as being highly fast and efficient. The main advantage of using Bitcoin is the fact that no third parties are involved in the transaction which cuts out many extra hassles and additional fees.

Along with having the ability to make deposits, transactions and payments anonymously, there are other benefits that often come with using Bitcoin in lieu of other types of currencies. Here are a few examples:

Speed of transactions: Bitcoin transactions are fast to do since they require so little information to be entered. This is a great benefit when you want to get right to those games and not have to fill out long forms in order to add some money into your casino account. Bitcoin transactions also process with lightning speed.

Less fees: When you choose many of the other payment methods in order to deposit funds into your online casino account, they often charge you a fee. Sometimes they will charge you hefty fees. Bitcoin transactions are generally free of charge, allowing you to keep more of your money to put toward gaming or other purposes you choose to use it for.

An impressive future: The speed at which Bitcoin is catching on is impressive. It’s great to be involved and already set up on something that will more than likely be much larger than anyone could expect at this moment.

popular casino gamesIt’s important for you to know that using Bitcoin can enhance your casino gaming experience by giving you more options, convenience and anonymity.

Since Bitcoin is a bit of a newer currency to casino players, as well as other types of consumers, you may wonder if there are going to be limits to the games you can enjoy.

However, this will depend on the casino you have chosen to join.

Bitcoin Casinos have come a long way

When Bitcoin casinos first started showing up online, they were pretty limited. They had subpar graphics and they didn’t have a great selection of games. In fact, some focused mainly on dice. However, things have changed a lot in this respect and now players can go to a fully-dedicated Bitcoin casino and partake in many different types of casino games, as well as other gambling opportunities.

Each Bitcoin casino can greatly vary when it comes to the games they have to offer. There are still Bitcoin casinos who choose to stay a bit n the simple side and focus on a fewer number of games. However, there are others that give players access to all types of casino games with a few examples of them including dice, slots, card games, video poker games, lottery games, specialty games and arcade games.

More and more online casinos are starting to accept Bitcoin

It didn’t take long for the already established online casinos to see that the Bitcoin casinos were gathering quite a bit of attention. This has led to many of them adding Bitcoin to their roster of acceptable deposit and withdrawal options. Most casinos that accept Bitcoin give you access to their full list of available games.

The types of games Bitcoin players can expect to have access to at many casinos include:

  • Slots games – Slots always make a big hit, whether they are in a land-based casino, a storefront where public gambling is legal, a Bitcoin casino or an online casino. You can play different types of slots including classic, video and bonus slots. You can also play ones that fit your budget as well.
  • Video poker – Video poker is another big hit many enjoy in a variety of venues that Bitcoin players can also have a lot of fun on, and hopefully see some great wins.
  • Card games – Card games are extremely popular with Bitcoin players, but the popularity of the actual game can vary from casino to casino, right along with what games are being offered and the rules of those games.
  • Arcade games – If you like to spend time on arcade games then you’ll be glad to know there are some of these at many of the casinos as well.
  • Lottery games – Lottery games are simple and can yield great results, making them the favorites of many, including Bitcoin users.
  • Bingo – If you happen to be a fan of bingo games, keep an eye out for a casino that offers these games to Bitcoin users as well, they are out there.

Commonly asked Questions about Bitcoin

If you are considering making the switch to a Bitcoin casino or thinking about choosing to go with Bitcoin deposits at your current online casino, you probably have quite a few questions. Here are some of the more common questions asked by those interested in learning more about Bitcoin, as well as the answers to them:

1. Do I have to play at a dedicated Bitcoin casino?
2. Am I still eligible for promotions when I play with Bitcoins?
3. What games are Bitcoin players eligible to play?
4. Can I withdrawal Bitcoins?

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