American Express – Online casinos accepts Amex

Deposit using American ExpressAmerican Express (Amex), and having been around since 1850, this is one of the oldest and most reputable payment methods in the world today.

Many people use their Amex credit cards to do online payments, and in terms of playing at online casinos; this is a payment method that has been tried and tested by many players around the world with successful results.

If you have already been using your Amex card for online purchases, then you will be happy to know that the majority of online casinos offer Amex as one of their available payment methods.

American Express is one of the most popular forms of online payments and therefore, online casinos who offer American Express as a payment method are in high demand.

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Since their launch in New York in the year 1850, Amex has grown to become one of the most reputable and reliable forms of payment and have gathered a great track record behind themselves. With so many people successfully using Amex as their chosen online payment method, you can definitely rest assured that this is a reliable and secure payment that you can trust.

One of the guarantees that Amex offers is speedy transactions, and as an online casino player, speed is one of the aspects that you will be looking for when choosing a suitable payment method. Amex guarantees to process all transactions with efficiency and speed, and this is certainly an advantage when making payments to an online casino.

One of the most frustrating things is making a deposit into your account and having to wait for the funds to enter your casino account before you can start playing. This can be time-consuming and very annoying when you are ready to start playing your casino games but need to wait for the payment to be processed.

American Express

Amex promises to process all payments as quickly as possible which gives you peace of mind when choosing this as your payment method. To add to your peace of mind, Amex also guarantees that they provide strong security measures in order to ensure your funds remain safe. Being one of the leading credit card providers in the world today, Amex uses strict encryptions and security regulations to ensure the safety and confidentiality of all funds which they process.

How do Amex payments work?

Using your Amex credit card to make transactions with an online casino is easier than ever, especially if you have already been using your Amex card for other online purchases. Once you have logged into your casino account and have selected to make a deposit, you will be provided with the list of available payment methods. You will then see the options for either credit card payments or Amex payments; if you are only provided with the credit card option, select this option and you will then be provided with a list of credit card providers.

As most online casinos offer Amex as a form of payment, Amex will show up in the list of credit card provider options. Once you have selected Amex as your payment method, you will be asked to provide your card details, after which the money will be transferred into your casino account. Withdrawals work in the same way by simply filling in your Amex card details.

Amex also provides a mobile app which allows you to make deposits and withdrawals from online casinos using your mobile phone. This is a safe and secure app that will provide ease of use and security when making transactions with your mobile phone. Now you can not only play your favourite games from your mobile phone, but safely make transactions too.

What are some of the advantages of using Amex as an online casino payment method?

Amex is one of the oldest and most reputable credit card providers in the world today. They have many years of extensive experience in the industry and follow high measures to ensure the safety and security of all funds. This payment method is also available at most online casinos, which means you will be able to use this same payment method at multiple online casinos.