Neteller – Depositing Using Neteller On Online Casinos

Deposit with NetellerNeteller was launched in 1999 and have since established themselves as one of the leading E-wallet service providers in the world.

There are many benefits of using this E-wallet service to make online payments, and the great news is that the majority of online casinos do offer Neteller as one of their available payment methods.

It will be very difficult to find an online casino these days who does not offer the Neteller payment option, as this is one of the most popular and trusted payment methods for online casino players around the world.

Online casinos are always striving to provide their players with all the choices they could desire, and since so many players choose to use Neteller as their payment method, most online casinos have made this payment method available, allowing you to use this method at almost any online casino you choose.

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Neteller is one of the most popular forms of payment when it comes to online casinos; Neteller processed roughly 80% of all online casino transactions in the year 2000.

With more than half of the players around the world choosing Neteller as their choice of payment method, it is clear to see that this payment method has great advantages for online casino players. One of the reasons for this is because Neteller payments are processed very quickly, allowing you to fund your casino account with speed and efficiency. All transactions are also secured with the latest encryption technology and Neteller guarantees the safety of your funds.

How does the Neteller service work?

In order to make deposits and withdrawals to an online casino using Neteller, you will first need to register a Neteller account. To do this, simply navigate to the Neteller website and select to open an account. Opening an account with Neteller is free of charge and the currencies which they accept include USD, AUD, JPY, INR, DKK, NOK, SEK, GBP, EUR and LVL.


When opening your Neteller account, you will be asked to provide certain information such an email address, your name, date of birth, home address and selected password. You will also be asked to select your chosen currency from the list of currency options. Neteller will then prompt you with a few security questions which you need to remember the answers to. After setting up your Neteller account, you will be provided with a password and account number. You are then able to start transferring funds into your Neteller account.

You are able to fund your Neteller account in a number of ways including debit or credit cards, bank transfers, cheques and even from a different E-wallet provider. Once you have funded your Neteller account, you are then able to transfer funds from your Neteller account into your online casino account with speed and security. When you have selected to make a deposit at your online casino, select “Neteller” under the E-wallet services as your payment method. All you then need to provide is your Neteller account number and security number which you received when opening your account.

Advantages of using the Neteller payment method?

One of the advantages of using Neteller as your chosen payment method is the fact that you don’t need to share your personal or banking details with the online casino. All you need to provide the online casino with is your Neteller account and security number, after which the funds will instantly be transferred from one account to the other.

Confidentiality is something that many online casino players appreciate, as many of the banks tend to monitor and regulate payments made with online casinos, and by using Neteller, players are able to deposit and withdraw funds as much as they desire without any third parties gaining access to their activity.

It is also much safer not having to provide your banking details when funding an online casino account; if you happen to make payments to a rogue online casino using your Neteller information, you can avoid losing a lot of money by keeping your bank details private.

Alternative Neteller Options

Debit Cards
Credit Cards
Credit Cards
Master Card
American Express