7 Reasons To Ditch Slots Machines In Casinos For Those Online

If you like playing slot machines, it makes more sense to play them online than in land-based casinos, though visiting real casinos is an experience that shouldn’t be neglected, either.

Online you have a huge selection of quality slots with proven theoretical payout, can get bonuses and free spins, and can play privately without anyone knowing how much did you win.

Let’s break down these reasons and explain why each one is important to you.

Top Reasons to Play Online Slots

#1 Theoretical payout can be verified

The biggest problem with slot machines in land-based casinos is that often you can’t be sure if the machine has been rigged. There are honest casinos and less honest ones, and you don’t know which one you entered, unless it’s one you’ve been frequently visiting for a while. But even then you can’t be too sure, and you definitely can’t vouch for each and every slot machine in the venue.

This leads to many conspiracy theories among gamblers, and the problem doesn’t exist online as the slot machines use a random number generator (RNG) that’s being independently verified, and many slot machine developers choose to reveal the theoretical payout percentage of each slot machine. This is probably the main reason to play online slots, as here you know the game is fair. Usually, online slots pay the same wherever you play them, though there are some exceptions, slots that are configurable by the casino.

Last but not least, the theoretical payout at online slots is usually much better than in land-based slot machines. While land-based machines can pay between 92% and 95%, sometimes even less than that, in online slots the payouts are usually around 96%, and it’s possible to find slots that pay almost 98%.

#2 Global jackpots

JackpotOnline jackpots are bigger than those in land-based venues because the entire world is filling up that progressive jackpot.

You can win over 10 million dollars just by playing the right slot game at the right time, and there’s no worry that the money is only virtual, either, as all jackpot winners so far have gotten their money alright.

Jackpots are available to most countries worldwide, so you can play all these great slots wherever you are, and there are no borders to cross as they don’t exist. Play your favourite progressive jackpot game from anywhere.

There’s more than one slot game with a life-changing jackpot, as all these players worldwide flock to play these jackpot slots and fill their progressive jackpots for your convenience, and when you click a slot to play it, the progressive jackpot is already filled with cash, and is growing as worldwide players keep spinning the reels at the same time as you. It never ends, and someone will win that jackpot for sure.

#3 Huge selection of videoslots

There are thousands of online slots available, and there are new ones being published every day. Everything originated from those classic slot machines in land-based casinos we all know and love, but then these slots took a direction of their own and grew into something amazing. Now you have some of the best games available, and the slot game developers keep evolving their product and adding new superb features. There’s something for everyone, including those players who would rather be playing classic slot machines – there’s a huge selection available online. Those who want to play modern slots can only do so online, and there’s really no shortage of themes, features, and everything else. Lately, virtual reality (VR) slots emerged so this is the latest thing in the world of online gaming. This, of course, is only available online.

Belka VR


Some game developers have become a thing on their own, like NetEnt, Realtime Gaming, Microgaming, Betsoft, Thunderkick, Yggdrasil and many others – and the only way to play the games in their portfolio is online. If you’re a serious gambler, you don’t want to deprive yourself of the pleasure of playing the best slots in existence today. As there are new slots that are released all the time, there is no buffer between you and those slots – the minute they are released you can log in and start playing.

Also, when you play online, it takes almost no time to switch between slots. In land-based casinos you have to request a payout, then you have to move your coins to the next slot machine, and you’re stuck with it for a while. Online you can quickly just close the window with one slot, and your balance is still available in your online casino account, so you can just click the next slot and start playing it.

#4 Free play

One of the best, yet most neglected, reasons to play slots online is availability of free play. In land-based casinos, you can’t try out a slot machine for free, you have to put coins in it if you want to see how it plays.

Most online videoslots are available to be played for free, with fun balance, and you can play for hours if you want, and only invest your own money once you’re happy with the slot and the way it plays and pays. With the sheer number of online videoslots available, you will likely be using free play to decide which games are worth playing and which are not.

Compare that to a land-based slot machine player who might be playing a poor slot and doesn’t even know it, and will pay a lot of coins to find out the slot machine is no good.

#5 Bonuses and free spins

There are hundreds of online casinos that have your favourite online slot games. That means you can move from casino to casino, claiming the welcome bonus at each casino as you go. Often the welcome bonus is in shape of a deposit bonus, and often you’ll also get some free spins on the side. This is something you’d never get in a land-based casino, and online you can even get 100 free spins on your favourite game, which is huge value, especially if you hit a big win during your free spins.

It isn’t easy to win money on gambling, and all these special offers, including retention offers, VIP clubs, comp points, reload bonuses, cashbacks, tournaments, are all here to increase the value of your game. Compared to the land-based game, online game is so much better and so much valuable while you’ll feel bare when you play in a land-based casino in comparison.

#6 Play on the move

mobile slotsIf you’re playing in a land-based casino, you either dedicated a night out to it, or you’re frequenting a local casino, which actually isn’t such a good idea to begin with. In any case, you’ll lose time and you won’t be able to do anything while you’re playing in the casino as you’re stuck in that establishment.

There are no clocks in casinos so you’ll lose track of time, you won’t know if it’s day or night, and generally visiting a casino will take a big chunk of your daily schedule. It’s easier if you play online, as you can just start your favourite game whenever you got 15 minutes to kill. There’s no preparation needed, no travel, no willpower needed to leave. Just start your game and play, and since slot games can be a bit repetitive (especially if you are only playing the slot game to win the progressive jackpot), you can put the slot game on autoplay and do something else while the game spins. Or play the slot game whenever you’re doing some real-life repetitive or boring chore.

Also, you don’t have to be at home. You can be outside, you can be in a different country, you can be travelling while you’re playing. If you got a mobile device and an internet connection, you can play from wherever, and can do so day or night, any timezone. Online casinos never close.

#7 Private gameplay

Everyone knows you’ll inevitably meet some colourful if not shady characters when you visit a land-based casino. That’s the way it is, people who visit casinos are gamblers and they have their stories. Sometimes they’ll want to draw you into their story. And sometimes you won’t be safe after you win a lot of money as a lot of eyes will be there to see it.

Visiting a land-based casino is an adventure, and not always for the right reasons. Online you’re anonymous and no one knows what game you’re playing, how often are you playing it, and how much money did you win. You’ll be more concentrated, too, as you’re left alone and can enjoy your favourite game without distractions. The biggest benefit is what happens when you win big. If you win big online, you just see money in your account and that’s it, no one has to know how you got it and how much did you get.

If you win big in a land-based casino where everyone knows you, few minutes will pass before your friends start asking you to loan them some money, and they can be quite persuasive so you’ll have to part yourself with some cash. And that’s the best thing that can happen, we won’t mention the real safety issues that arise when someone is walking with a lot of cash on his hands.